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then wife,
one remained, well, that lie and wait for death?
Pozega his house that he would not get svolochi.
And went, just where the eye.
morning and took me on the road
kolkhoz was accused of setting fire to property
deskat my house for the time,
already belonged to the kolkhoz, and I did not have
set fire to his right
You tell me, Fedor
what the Antichrist, collective farms invented?
This is the Antichrist,'m Lenin and Stalin
A teperechya, so I of the Antichrist
Germans must defend?
Sam volunteered for the eggs you nobody pulled.
Why volunteered?
As explained
Calling the land,
it is one my all, land.
From the first battle claws would tear
What is OGPU? About Lord, Help Ubezhat,
And vice versa? Poymayut head Otorvut conviction.
And can I as a call,
I can not kill people.
Chudniv Petya hear me, for armed robbery
sitting, but can not kill people?
Bratcy Hey!
 you doing there?
Well ka stop immediately
Well you what, teeth zhmut or second extra eye?
What you urki, under the monastery want to fail?
A shooting?
Idi suchara, rye razrisuyu.
What you two guys, the rules of our lives forgotten?
Give zhelezku.
Nothing, enemies of the people, we still felt
At night all porezhu, creation shameful
Knives and grinding, surrender,
or now all pourodaem
I have a svolochi into civilian
in three minutes to let flow
does not roll, your first bullet
What will do with goner?
I thought so,
vykinut them out of the wagon should be,
that would be excessive noise was not
Poskubalis little short, it is
Such a life, our very hard
I thought so.
And I thought, you have to judge Glymov.
It is that whether you are going to judge me?
Why? The Tribunal.
The Tribunal, also on  award,
shtrafbat and front
No fuss, Baukin,
at the front poglyadim who first
farewell to the life
Let's emissions poured, ploughed bear
OH that volunteers shtrafniki
nalegay at kulesh until goryachenky.
And those which, sleep or something?
Eternal sleep
How eternal, be them, and then until the evening
remain hungry
Dead, they did not understand that right?
How dead?
Well instigators who fights?
I ask who instigators?
I can not say.
Can not or do not want?
I do not want.
What this will give?
Like what?
Instigators will judge tribunal.
And that the tribunal award?
The extra corpses.
People at the front needed.
The killers bedspreads?
Yes there, one third of the murderers,
Does that I recruited them to the volunteers?
Ty was appointed senior,
and all will respond.
And in other cars, quietly and peacefully?
Yes, no,
Counted 36 corpses,
Front doedem yet to even be added.
Yes of horseradish at the front where you need?
If you are now under lock bring?
You'll see the same as the Germans, just in
sdadites prisoner,
if not even earlier drapanete.
I do not drapanu,
and the prisoner did not pass.
So many of these in your car?
With fast I doubt it.
Your right,
doubt or believe.
And you me my rights do not recall
do you remember about your.
My right to die on the battlefield,
want, do not forget.
I will come back soon, this heinous error,
You do not worry,
What emissions?
Yes because it
but may be given here?
There will, in that place,
Bast Shoe even imagine what something sostryapay.
Article what?
So thought.
You have 58?
Quite true.
He was arrested in 1937?
It is true in 37
As you name?
Muranov Anatoly Petrovich
partorg, ball-bearing
plant in Moscow
Shtrafniki Attention!
I am your battalion commander
They shot cannons and machine guns,
there by the blood flow,
People are dying there,
defending the homeland,
and now you will protect her,
Remember all that before,
who you were before,
Now you look at Homeland mother,
looks with hope
I recall!
For failure to order shooting on the ground!
For violation of military discipline, shooting!
During the demonstration

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