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Listen, I'm late for work.
You coming with me?.
- Your mother got married?.
- No.
What, she lives alone?.
No, with Sakura.
- He doesn't treat you badly?.
- No.
Come on, faster!
Hey, did you cut it?. Throw it!
I cut it.
Me, too.
I'm throwing it.
I'm throwing too.
Throw it!
What if they turn on the power?.
There's no power here.
And what if they do?.
lt'll fucking kill 'em!
Come on, load it up fast.
Faster, faster!
Give me money.
Money. Load faster!
We have no time at all!
Here it is. Faster!
When is the train back?.
How do I know?. Daut, you know?.
What, like I take trains
or something?.
Okay, I am leaving.
What did you come for?.
I wanted to offer some work.
What work?.
Fight for money.
You can't do it, you got old.
How much they paying?.
A lot. The prize is a car!
No way.
Why would I lie to my uncle?.
10 years ago,
10 cops couldn't put down
your Uncle Zhaken.
Even their electric clubs
didn't work. He busted their faces.
What kind of car?.
A big one. An American Mercedes.
Stop, you little snot!
Why do you want to disgrace
your uncle?.
Hold on! I'll show you!
Let's go. I'll show you how
Uncle Zhaken can't fight!
Why did you bring someone so old?.
He won't even last 5 minutes.
He will. Even electric clubs
didn't work on him.
Okay, we'll see...
Are you gonna make
it at least 5 minutes?.
I don't know. I probably will.
All right, pour.
Well, go on brother.
Don't pound him right away!
Stretch it out a little, okay?.
Go on!
Beautiful. Good car.
Hey, give me the keys to the car!
Hey, Almaz, give him the car.
He won fair and square.
Give him the keys.
You selling?.
You selling?.
I'm selling.
How much you asking?.
Twenty-five hundred.
Twenty-five hundred.
That's expensive, Dad.
I'll take it for two thousand.
I told you twenty-five hundred.
You just take a look at the wheels.
They're already old.
Weighted down, they'll go flat.
If you don't want it, don't take it.
I'm buying.
But you've got to bring it down.
Open the trunk.
Everything's fine.
Here brother. I'm giving you money.
Okay, take it.
You just owe me a bottle.
A bottle. All right, a bottle.
Dad, six seconds.
Well, all right. Pour.
Don't drink a lot. You'll fall
asleep and they'll steal the money.
Why are you constantly lecturing
your own uncle?.
Did you see how I got him?.
Come on, he messed up your face.
- Why are you so late?.
- I had things to do.
- What is it?.
- It's for you.
Oh my god!
- What do you think?.
- Fine.
- Does it fit?.
- Uh-huh.
Wow, you even chose my size!
- Will you have some watermelon?.
- Uh-huh.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Look what I've got.
What have you got on?.
Schizo gave it to me.
They're for swimming underwater.
Where did you get so much?.
I earned it.
It's all for me?.
For you.
Will you stay?.
Are you sleeping?.
Well, what do you want?.
Don't lie.
Do you know how to screw?.
I do, and you?.
I tried once.
And so?.
Didn't work out.
Everything okay?.
Don't go to China.
Look after the boy.
Okay, I'll stay.
Stop wandering out at night.
You have to look after your health.
- What are you talking about?.
- This guy's related to you.
This is a total scam.
I don't have any relatives. Schizo
found him. I know nothing about it.
Listen, Sakura, this Schizo
is an idiot! But you're not!
I lost a fighter and a car!
Who's gonna give me my money back?.
Almaz, I have nothing to do with it.
I swear!
If you don't bring me money
in 3 days, I'll put you in the ring
and kill you myself!
Do some sit-ups. How do you feel?.
- Have you been taking your tablets?.
- Yes.
Come here.
Does he have a sex life?.
There is some progress, but you have
to take a treatment in Almaty.
I've already arranged it.
Here is the paperwork.
Go there tomorrow, straight away.
Thank you, Victor lvanovich.
So, you played the fool?.
And you framed me?.
He won fair.
Where's the money?.
Where's the money?.
I spent

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