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s it. Get out of here.
Hey, what's with you?.
You call this money?.
I'll kill you for this money.
Get lost. You're gonna threaten me?.
Go. Get out of here, you idiot!
I bet on the boxer.
In the T-shirt.
They need a doctor there.
He needs help.
- Take him away from here.
- What's the matter?.
Ali's bad there.
What Ali?.
The one from the exchange.
Bring some water!
Forget about him,
go bring some water.
They finished me, bastards...
Take the money from my pocket.
Do you know the house
at the edge of town?.
Her name is Zina...
You'll do it?.
Hey, Schizo. You here?.
Don't you get it?.
I told you, forget about him or
I'll rip your head off! Got it?.
Okay, guys!
I'm taking new "Benz", I'll stake
old one on the fight. Let's drink!
Oh, cool. Come on guys, come on.
To Almaz' new "Benz". To you, Almaz!
Dance with him.
Does Zina live here?.
And who are you?.
A friend.
Zina's on her way.
Do you have some water?.
Wanna play?.
Who's this?.
Your friend.
I don't have this kind of friend.
What do you need here?.
Ali asked me to bring money.
And that's all of it?.
And where is he?.
He left.
Left?. Where did he go?.
I don't know.
When will he be back?.
Does he think it's possible
to live on this money?.
I haven't paid the landlord
in three months!
I'll move to find work and let him
take care of his boy, understand?.
Tell him that!
Left! He thinks I believe his lies?.
Hey, guys! Guys! Grab him!
I recognize him. It's him!
What's the matter?.
He's recruiting people for work.
And he organizes fist fights.
So what, shit?.
Who are you working for?.
Cat got your tongue or what?.
He's sick in the head.
You're the one who's sick.
What did you say, bitch?.
Enough, put him in the tank.
Quick, quick, take him there.
- Go to hell!
- Come here, you bastard!
From the crowded city
with the skin-topped milk
It's always interesting for me
to go far away
To where there is a river
with a nice bank
And a heel, like a stove
will warm the sand for me.
The sky, the air,
and the naughty wind
And even the air will sing with me.
You, moron. Get the hell over here!
Quicker. Quicker.
Let's go, double-time!
To the cell...
Let's go.
So what, what did they want?.
They asked me whom I'm working for.
You didn't squeal?.
Good job!
What do you want?.
Do you have money?.
How much?.
What do you need it for?. For girls
or something?. Okay, sit down.
- What's with you?.
- Money.
Did you bring my car?.
I've got to go...
You are rubies,
rubies, precious little gems...
What do you want?.
Will you go to the restaurant?.
Do you have money?.
Got it.
We can stay at home...
lt'll be cheaper.
Let me make a run.
You hang the laundry, okay?.
What do you drink?.
Do you know how much...
they would have ripped
you off for in a restaurant?.
You go to restaurants a lot?.
I used to go
to restaurants a lot, too.
Now I don't even
have a decent dress.
The sun rises
and sets behind the river.
Someone is quietly singing...
ah, ah, ah, ah.
Sing along.
And in the algae, the green algae
The girl's body floats.
And in the algae, the green algae
The girl's body floats.
Can you imagine Ali, that jerk,
dumps his kid on me and takes off.
And no help whatsoever...
I'll go to China to look for work.
People say waitresses
make good money there.
I'll marry a Chinese guy.
People say they make good husbands.
Have you heard it?.
Listen, I forgot, what's your name?.
Mustafa. Nickname's Schizo.
Short for schizophrenic.
Wait, I don't understand.
Are you sick or something?.
Take your hands off me!
When you see Ali, just tell him
that his Zina moved to China and
sent his boy to an orphanage.
He was killed.
What are you talking about,
you idiot?. !
Why didn't you tell me before?.
Who are you?. What are you doing
here?. I'm going to kill you!
I'm Kulyash's son. Let me go!
And you are my uncle.
You bloody...
What are you doing here?.

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