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or before somebody else...
What are you doing, dear sir?
You don't know the procedure.
My bad.
Where have you come?
You don't know how things are arranged.
First of all you had to file in a request in registry.
It had gone to superior, then to head of department,
then it would have been handed over to secretary
and secretary would have given it to me.
You...just order it. I only took a liberty to see you
because secretaries...they're unreliable folk...
Where did you get such nerve?
My bad, your highness...
Where did you get such ideas?
My bad.
What disrespect towards bosses and superiors
has spread amongst young people!
Do you know whom you are saying this?
Do you realize who is standing before you?
Do you understand, I ask you!
Alert! Alert!
Akakiy Akakyevich, lie down.
Petrovich, you have come!
Good...I....forgot to tell you...
when you begin to sew on the hood make a noose there...
thief will sneak up and noose...
Your highness, well then?
You don't know how things are arranged.
You thought I...
No. Give me mine!
And so that collar was from cat-skin.
Do you hear!
I'm talking to you!
???? Swine-mug! Fraud!
It's too late to do something now.
You had to [call me] earlier, even yesterday perhaps...
Have you heard, gentlemen? He tears off overcoats
and looks for ranks and titles.
What if thief is not from clerks?
How come! Victim [a general] has precisely described him,
He saw him like I see you now.
Low stature, unpleasing...
But from which department?
It's hard to say precisely.
It's just that...
people say it's our Bashmachkin...
Gentlemen! It turns out that thief
is Akakiy Akakyevich.
It's impossible to confirm it for sure, but people say...
Titular counsellor Bashmachkin.
God and Holy Mary!
Your highness, here!
[he] rented room from her.
That's him.
Did he go out this night?
No, he didn't go anywhere.
It's two days since he's dead.
You're not being asked about that. I know myself he's dead.
You are asked: did he go out this night?
And at what time?
He didn't go anywhere.
He lied so quietly.
Here he's deceased, there he's running around city
and tearing off overcoats off superiors.
Faster! Faster!
What's there?
A casket, your highness.
Room for rent for a clerk.
In Philippoviy house.


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