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wouldn't recognize you.
Exactly like a general!
See, your exact portrait.
Petrovich, maybe I....part of money now, part on sunday
and you...
Pardon me, I'll finish it with God's help and then...
Now I have new one.
Is Akakiy Akakyevich home?
You showed up! He's long since waiting for you...
We're always delivering order on time.
[talking everybody at the same time; just some trivial matters]
Well, Akakiy Akakyevich, receive your things...
It's finished, Akakiy Akakyevich.
Take it, sir.
Money, Petrovich, on the table. Pardon me, I didn't have
enough time to change it.
Golden hands. You wouldn't find better ones in Petersburg.
If only he didn't drink...
OK. Here's the buttons.
I wish you prosperity!
Wear it on your luck! He tried hard...
Thank you, Petrovich.
Good morning, Akakiy Akakyevich!
Quiet! That's me - Akakiy Akakyevich.
Calm down! I have to go to work.
What's happening?
Good morning! The dog doesn't recognize me.
What's up?
Morning! The dog doesn't recognize me.
What's going on out there? What's going on!
Look, all through...what...it won't last even one day like this.
No way, thank you sincerely.
Oh, Mr. Bashmachkin! I didn't recognize you.
Gentlemen, new overcoat!
Gentlemen! So it be: I'm throwing a party instead of Akakiy Akakyevich.
Everybody is invited tonight to have some tea.
[drink] to overcoat!
Where is it?
Here you are!
Have you eaten?
Yes. Here you go...
Thank you.
Here's more.
What are you doing? Let's go.
I'll give you a hand!
Here you go. Farewell.
No, I...
Be welcome, sir.
Sir? Me?
Be welcome, master.
Emperor! The hat!
Please, save me.
Daddy! I was looking for you...
I beg you, come with me, just to the crossing.
I was looking for you...
Let's go, policeman is after me.
Let's go.
Before you...
Daddy, you'll catch cold.
Thank you, it's just that I...I can't listen to that.
Put your cap on!
Don't look back!
I'm not looking back, I'm...
Let's go!
For you...
Thank you. Oh, it's him again!
But you...
Daddy! Thanks, daddy, go home! Bye.
No, here's...here's...
I have for you...
Where are you?
Oh, precisely...such circumstances...
today, Akakiy Akakyevich...
Oh, such circumstances.
Oh, these frenchmen, if they wanted...
She's come back!
What? Him?
Just scream!...
It's my overcoat!
What, brothers, what...
Guards! Alert! Guards!
He has to go to [low rank] policeman.
It is done this way.
[This] policeman will swindle him: promise at first
and then lead by the nose.
Keep quiet.
I say he must go to [higher rank] officer.
Go to [low rank] policeman first.
[shouting multiple people at the same time]
Quiet, I say!
....what concerns my rooms, I want to know...
What for are you here?
My bad. I came to you...because yesterday night...
Daddy? Daddy!
Daddy, remember. Be so kind.
Yesterday I lead you from Nevsky [street], you were a little drunk...
And I couldn't even be in some kind of [rented rooms]!
Here. I can't remember
exactly, but yesterday night overcoat...
new one...was stolen from me.
Who? Me?
Hold her!
Oh, you, bastard! I didn't take golden rings, and your overcoat...
....your kindness, yesterday night while walking thorugh square...
What square?
I can't remember exactly, but...
So, you can't.
Where from did you go that you can't remember a thing?
From...there...was a party on account of new overcoat.
Drunk like a pig you went you yourself don't know where.
That's right. My bad.
And you didn't show up for work!
My bad.
Right! I...forgot. To explain myself.
A clerk, Bashmachkin, want to see you.
Who is Bashmachkin?
I couldn't say.
Where is he from? What's his businees [with me]?
He doesn't say.
Tell him to come in.
His highness waits. Please.
I...my bad...I wanted to explain myself.
I'm late for work. My overcoat, completely new...
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