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There are good cats on sale,
I saw them.
It would be good from cat...or beaver-skin...
Avdotya Semyonovna!
Avdotya Semyonovna!
Did you heat the stove again today, Avdotya Semyonovna?
Is that bad?
It's too expensive for me to heat it every day.
It's winter. I always heat it every day during winter.
But you heat it every third day...
And soup can be made without meat.
How come - every third day?
I just ask it temporarily - every third day.
I'm a widow, unprotected...every third day...
Avdotya Semyonovna, I didn't mean that. That's temporarily...
Avdotya Semyonovna...
If my late husband was alive!
What am I doing!
Have you really come to order coffin for Avdotya Semyonovna?
No, no, not that.
I want to stick this paper into your window...
so that it could be seen from the street.
Skilled clerk undertakes fair copying.
??? house, second door, fourth floor.
Ask for Bashmackin.
Clerk Bashmackin undertakes fair copying...
That's to me!
Hot pies. Hot, hot pies!
I came by earlier after laundry but you weren't at home.
So I thought I'll take it now, and it'll be ready in the morning.
I thank you, but I got everything clean...excuse me.
Who's there!
That's to me! That's to me!
I came after advertisment. I have a project here:
reorganization of society.
It just needs to be fair copied.
No, here.
Why are you looking at walls? I have never had cockroaches here.
No, I'm just looking...quill is somehow going different.
Perhaps, my table is shaking.
You write by this table for twenty four years and it has never been shaking.
During these twenty years spreaders may have dried, settled down...perhaps, something else.
What spreaders? You'd better go to sleep.
I'm going to sleep now.
To sleep...little bit...like this.
What was that?
Reorganization of society...
Careful, careful! Go on!
Whom should I ask?
I was ordered a job. It's done now.
Whom are you looking for?
Fair copying...to get a wage.
A wage?
"Reorganization of society". Twelve and a half.
???? you won't get a single kopeck from him.
How come?
But I....a wage...
What are you doing there? We'll burn to death!
Avdotya Semyonovna, I wanted to tell you not to
make me chinese tee anymore. Make me this one instead.
This one? Nobody drinks that! He begins to economize!
If you have no money, go to a pawnbroker!
I'll get premium wage on Christmas and then I'll immediately come
to you with interest.
Your reasoning is strange, dear sir.
I can give you receipt.
That way everybody from the street can come asking for money...
I'm telling you - bring a pawn.
I can kiss sacred icon!
[He] doesn't give [loan]?
I have no pawn.
Every man has his last pawn.
What is it?
???? Academy buys them: twenty five rubles a piece.
Exactly what I need!
You see. Sell it and you'll have the money.
Where can I get a skeleton?
Sell your own. Your own.
How do you do, Akakiy Akakyevich!
How do you do!
Are you examining overcoats? I've heard. Congratulations.
With what?
You have been awarded a premium wage. And amount is...fair. Congratulations.
No...for me...what...
What are you doing? Calm down!
...suddenly completely unexpected...
...premium wage...
And amount...exactly precise...
Two arshins. Nowadays they're wearing them shorter.
When weared out, it'll become much longer!
Don't mess in! You know only one - wear out!
My bad. I wanted to ask what time is it.
Ready? Thanks. You can go.
Concerning...I have ordered it.
What have you ordered?
Overcoat. As you told me. And tailor is good...
very good tailor...oh, here you go.
I wanted to humbly ask you...
Huble request. I have to try it on today.
Go, go, if you have to try it on.
Try it on!
So it will be.
We'll take here...hood on the top
My bad.
It's nothing.
Walk some steps.
Go, go, Akakiy Akakyevich!
Go, see whether it's not clogging in legs.
If to meet you on the street now, one


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