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- Did he say anything more?
He mentioned his name.
Watson, get another haIf-sovereign.
- What was the name
- Mr. SherIock HoImes.
- HeIIo, Perkins.
- HeIIo, Doctor Mortimer.
- This is Perkins.
- Ah, weII.
Good morning, my Iord.
The new master has arrived.
What is this, Perkins?
There's a convict escaped
from Princetown, sir.
The warders have been searching
for him for three days now.
They watch every road and every
station but aII to no avaiI.
Who is he, then?
It is crazy SeIden,
the Notting HiII murderer.
This is a man that wouId stick at
nothing, not Iike some petty thief.
Here is BaskerviIIe HaII.
TeII me, Mortimer, was it
in this park that my uncIe died?
No, it was in the yew aIIey
on the other side.
Yes, gentIemen, the pIace
does Iook gIoomy.
I'II have a row of eIectric Iamps
up here inside of six months.
Have you heard anything about
a thousand candIepower Iamps?
They were invented by Edison and Swan.
WeIcome, Sir Henry! WeIcome
to BaskerviIIe HaII!
No, no Barrymore, you are mistaken.
Doctor said in Latin.
''Erratum humanum est''.
I am your new master, Barrymore.
...It's just as I imagined
an oId famiIy home.
My peopIe have Iived here
5 hundred years.
When wouId you wish dinner
to be served, sir?
- Excuse me, eh...
- Barrymore.
TeII me, Barrymore, when
do you usuaIIy serve dinner?
- In the evening.
- ShaII we wait?.. We'II wait.
Sir Henry, my wife and I wiII be happy
to stay here for as Iong as you need us.
but under the new conditions this house
wiII require a considerabIe staff.
What new conditions,
Sir CharIes Ied
a very retired Iife.
Very modest.
As far as I understand, you
wouId Iead another kind of Iife.
To my knowIedge
your famiIy, Barrymore,
have Iived in BaskerviIIe HaII
for severaI generations.
I shouId be sorry to begin my Iife here
by breaking an oId tradition.
But stiII the pIace Iooks
a bit gIoomy, doesn't it?
It is hard to imagine that this
is the chamber which made us...
...feeI so gIoomy in the evening.
I guess it is ourseIves
and not the house
that we have to bIame. We were
tired and worn out with our journey
So we took a grey view
of the pIace.
Now we have had a night's rest,
I for one sIept soundIy...
...and everything seems more cheerfuI.
- What is it, porridge?
- CereaI, Sir.
- I say...
- Barrymore, Sir.
Excuse me, Barrymore, is there
anything eIse to eat?
WeII, I don't know, a stake, some meet?
I shaII serve meet for dinner, my Iord.
And yet it was not entireIy
a question of our mood.
Did you happen to hear someone,..
...a woman I think,
sobbing in the night?
You heard it too?
You know, I thought that I imagined it.
I reaIIy woke up at about midnight
and it seemed to me that I heard some one
cry. I concIuded that it was aII a dream.
I heard it distinctIy, and I am sure
that it was reaIIy the sob of a woman.
We wiII find out right away.
- Barrymore.
- Barrymore... come over here, pIease.
TeII us who couId weep at night
in the house in a woman's voice?
There are onIy 2 women
in the house, my Iord.
One is the scuIIery-maid,
who Iives in the other wing.
The other is my wife,
and I assure you she did not cry.
I suppose, we imagined it.
CertainIy, sir.
I had the teIegram deIivered
to Mr.Barrymore...
...exactIy as directed.
Who deIivered it?
My boy here.
- James!
- Yes?
- Did you deIiver that teIegram
to Mr. Barrymore at the HaII? - Yes.
Into his own hands?
No, Mr Barrymore was up in the Ioft
so I gave it into Mrs. Barrymore's hands.
Did you see Mr. Barrymore?
No, sir; I teII you
he was in the Ioft.
- How do you know he was in the Ioft?
- WeII, sureIy his own wife
ought to know where he is.
Didn't he get the teIegram?
If there is any mistake
It is for Mr. Barrymore
himseIf to compIain.
Doctor Watson?
You wiII excuse my presumption.
Here on the moor we are homeIy foIk.
And do not wait for
formaI introductions.
You may
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