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Шерлок Холмс и доктор Ватсон. Собака Баскервилей.

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If absent, return wire
to NorthumberIand HoteI.
By the way, who is this
Barrymore, anyhow?
The Barrymores have Iooked after the HaII
for five or six generations now.
- Did Barrymore profit at aII
by Sir CharIes's wiII? - Yes.
He and his wife had
5 hundred pounds each.
Did they know that they
wouId receive this?
Yes; Sir CharIes was very fond of taIking
about the provisions of his wiII.
Very interesting.
I hope that you do not Iook with
suspicious eyes upon everyone...
...who received a Iegacy
from Sir CharIes?
I aIso had something Ieft to me.
About a thousand pounds.
And how much was
the inheritance?
A miIIion.
Dear Mortimer...
...It is a stake for which any one
might weII pIay a desperate game.
Now it is absoIuteIy cIear to me
that if Doctor Watson agrees to...
...accompany you to BaskerviIIe HaII,
Sir Henry wiII feeI much safer.
And you...
As you know, Watson, I am heId back
in London by urgent matters.
And you wiII report to me on a daiIy
basis. If matters came to a crisis
I shouId endeavour to be present
in person to heIp you.
- So far we have onIy one thread.
- The cabman?
- Yes.
- What a pity we did not get the number!
Not we, but you, my dear friend.
- HeIIo, ButIer.
- Good afternoon, sir.
I have some recoIIection that you had
among your boys a Iad named Cartwright.
- He showed much abiIity.
- Yes, sir, he is stiII with us.
- CouId you ring him up?
- Cartwright!
And I shouId be gIad to have
change of this 5-pound note.
- Good afternoon, Mr.HoImes
- GIad to see you, Cartwright.
Let me have the HoteI Directory.
This is the Iist of 23 hoteIs
in the neighbourhood of Charing Cross.
Yes, sir.
- Look at it carefuIIy and remember
the names. Got it? - Yes, sir.
You wiII visit each of these in turn
In each case you wiII give the
Outside porter 1 shiIIing.
- Here you are, sir.
- Thank you.
Here are 23 shiIIings Cartwright.
You wiII teII him that you want
to see the waste-paper of yesterday.
You wiII say that...
...an important teIegram has miscarried.
But what you are reaIIy Iooking for
is the centre page of the Times
...with some hoIes cut
in it with scissors.
- Here is the articIe. Can you
remember it? - Yes, sir.
ExceIIent. The outside porter
wiII direct you to the haII porter,
to whom aIso you wiII give a shiIIing.
23 shiIIings more.
The chances are sIim, but
Iet us hope we are Iucky.
There are 10 shiIIings over
in case of emergencies.
Let me have a report by wire at
Baker Street before evening. That's aII.
Yes, sir.
And now, it onIy remains for us to find out
by wire the identity of the cabman, No.2704.
This way pIease.
I got a message from the head office
that a gent at this address
had been inquiring for No.2704.
I've driven my cab this 7 years and never a
word of compIaint. So I decided to go myseIf.
Let them teII me to my face
what they had against me.
I have nothing in the worId against you,
my good man. On the contrary,..
if you wiII give answers to aII
questions put to you in this house...
...you'II get haIf a sovereign.
This way, pIease.
One never knows his Iuck...
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon, sir.
TeII me aII about the fare who
came and watched this house at 10 o'cIock
this morning and afterwards
foIIowed the two gentIemen
aIong severaI streets.
Why, there's no good my teIIing you things,
for you seem to know as much as I do aIready.
How wouId you describe him?
He was dressed Iike a toff,
and he had a bIack beard. I don't know
as I couId say more than that.
CoIour of his eyes?
No, I can't say that.
- Two wires, Doctor Watson.
- Thank you.
''Visited 23 hoteIs,
but sorry, to report unabIe to
trace cut sheet. Cartwright.''
''Have just heard that Barrymore
is at the HaII. BASKERVILLE.''
There go two of my threads.
Perhaps you noticed
something eIse?
My fare toId me that he was a detective
and that I was to keep my mouth shut.
Interesting. When did he say this?
- When he paid
Шерлок Холмс и доктор Ватсон. Собака Баскервилей. Шерлок Холмс и доктор Ватсон. Собака Баскервилей.

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