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appearance of the heir,
Sir Henry, made StapIeton start
everything from the beginning.
My roIe is but humbIe. The case
took an unpredictabIe course
through the incident of the escaped
convict and sir Henry's
passionate Iove aIso escaped
IogicaI anaIysis.
To me it is stiII a mystery
how StapIeton intended to prove
his rights to the inheritance.
But this mystery is buried
with him in the Grimpen Mire.
His unfortunate wife is unIikeIy
To know the detaiIs.
To her honour it must e said, Watson, that
she opposed the murder as much as she couId.
What about Laura Lyons? She
does not resembIe a naive woman.
What made her become a bIind weapon
in the hands of a scoundreI?
Something materiaI or
A mystic force again?
Who knows, dear Watson. Who knows.
ScreenpIay by Igor MasIennikov
with Participation of Yuri VeksIer
Directed by Igor MasIennikov
Directors of photography:
Dmitry DoIinin, VIadimir IIyin
Production director: BeIIa Manevich
Composer: VIadimir Dashkevich
Sound by: Asia Zvereva
The Leningrad State PhiIharmonic
Orchestra conducted by E.Khachaturian
Costume designer N.Lev, Make-up designer
L.EIiseyeva. Edited by L.Obrazumova
Director A.Tigai, cameraman A.Nasyrov
Editor N.Chirkov, set designer R.ShtiI
SpeciaI photography: director
V.VoIchansky, artistic designer V.Okovity
Director's group: B.Beisekova,
G.Zaigrayeva, N.Yagman, N.Yashpan
of the cameraman M.KuIikov, V.TriIis,
Of the costume designer A.Sapunova,
Of the editor L.Umanskaya,
maIe-up by L.ZavyaIova
Costumes by N.Svechina, Props by
N.Usmanova Iighting by Ye.Stepanov
Administrative group:
Ye.Dikhnova, I.PereIanina, V.SmoIiakov
Production director Grigory Prusovsky
The End
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