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So you admit you killed
and Joseph Stangerson?
No, that was not murder.
I tried them and I sentenced
them to death.
They told the state authorities
that I threatened them.
I spent 2 months in jail.
When they let me out
I found out that they left
to Europe,
ran away from me.
I saved some money,
boarded a ship
and set out in search of them.
I searched Europe in and out.
There wasn't a place where
I hadn't been.
But a year ago I found out
they were back in London.
I searched all over London in
my cab and finally found them.
Now I waited for the right
Cab, sir.
- I live near here.
- Take a ride, sir.
- It's not safe to walk around
alone at night.
- Let's go.
- Please.
- Take me to Regent Street.
- Of course, sir.
- That's it, sir. We're here.
- Oh really?
No, not that way. I'll
show you.
Where did you bring me?
This is not my house.
This is not my house.
Do you recognize me?
I can see you do.
You want to kill me?
I could shoot you 10 times,
like a mad dog.
Or stab you and your friend
to death in a dark alley.
But I don't want that.
There are 2 pills here.
One is harmless.
The other contains poison.
Choose one of them.
I'll swallow the other
If there is justice in this
world, you will die.
If there's none,
then I don't want to live
I won't take it.
You will.
You pretend to be God, but you
are a common murderer!
I won't...
I won't...
Remember Lucy Ferrier.
10 years ago I had a
We met in Utah, in
Salt Lake City.
The city of Mormons. You
know who Mormons are?
A religious sect.
They're a gang of
perverted fanatics.
They don't abide by our laws
and they only do what their
leaders tell them.
They allow polygamy,
like damned pagans.
So this Drebber
decided he wants to take my
fiance for his 4th wife.
Lucy Ferrier.
Her father didn't want that
kind of life for his daughter.
They fled, but the Mormons
caught them in the desert.
Drebber's friend Joe Stangerson
shot old Ferrier.
And Lucy...
They dragged her to
Drebber's house by force.
At the time I was in
When I came back and found
out about what happened,
I can't tell you what I felt.
I loved her...
so much.
Lucy was all I had.
I decided to take her away
from that place.
But it was too late. Lucy died
of shame and grief
after one month of living with
that bastard.
Her friend gave me the ring.
I'd given it to her.
It was the last thing he heard:
"Remember Lucy Ferrier".
I got so excited, that blood
streamed out of my nose.
That happens, doctors
say it's plethora.
I dipped my finger in blood and
wrote "Revenge" on the wall.
Not for a second do I regret
what I've done.
Only one thing
overshadowed my joy.
I dropped the ring.
Who was the man who came
to me for the ring?
I won't tell you his name.
You don't need to know it.
I'll say only, he is my friend,
a jobless actor.
He doesn't know about
the murder.
How did you find Stangerson?
You stabbed him, didn't
I can see you remember me.
Do you remember Lucy?
And old Ferrier?
I'll give you all my money.
I have a lot of it.
- Anything you want.
- No.
I haven't come for that.
There are 2 pills here.
One is harmless,
the other one contains poison.
I felt I was losing my strength
and stabbed him with
a knife.
Anything else you can say?
You know the rest.
A boy ran up to me,
he said a gentleman was sick
and I had to take him home.
That's how I got to know
Sherlock Holmes.
The red face was just a guess.
The footprints on the floor...
matched the boots
and the length of the step
of the killer.
I thought the blood must have
streamed from his nose.
Your guess proved right.
But why did you ask the boy
to look for a cabby?
The killer drove in a cab
and went into the house.
The cab didn't stand put, that
means the cabby was not there.
The horse was moving about.
You could tell that by the
prints of hoofs and wheels.
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