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come with us
if you want to.
If he doesn't open, break down
the door. I go in first.
You cover me.
- You stay here. Where is he?
- Over there.
Keep it quiet.
Gregson, follow me.
Tss! Quiet.
Open it in the name of the
Hands up!
What do you say, doctor?
This is Stangerson.
I think we can no longer suspect
him of murder, can we?
Look at this.
It all adds up.
The money's intact.
A watch.
A telegram from Cleveland.
"Beware. J.H. Is in England".
And there's the missing link.
2 pills.
So? Just ordinary pills.
Sleeping or stomach pills.
For him it doesn't matter.
You'd better look here.
Nothing unusual.
Just a ladder.
The murderer climbed up this
ladder and then went down.
Let's go, Watson. There won't be
anything interesting here.
Gentlemen, when you finish here,
drop by our place.
- What for? - We'll have some
sherry and talk.
Good day, gentlemen.
We found him.
Red face, brown coat.
Good work.
Wiggins. These are your new
Yes, sir.
And your fee.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Anything else, gentlemen?
One cigar, sir.
Smoking is bad for your health.
Look how thin I am.
That's because I smoke.
I was sure from the very
beginning that Stangerson
wasn't planning to kill
But when he escaped from
the lodge
in such a hurry, leaving all his
I knew that he himself
was afraid of the killer.
If the police had arrested
that would have saved his
But, alas, they were late
as usual.
I am curious to know what
kind of instruction
you've given your
From what I heard they have
traced the murderer.
Don't rush things, Watson.
There are 2 gentlemen
to see you, sir.
One of them is
Mr. Lestrade.
That's for the dog.
The receptionist and the
owner don't know anything.
They haven't seen a thing.
But the little boy, the cook,
was throwing away the slops
and he noticed that the ladder
that was normally lying...
lying on the ground...
Go on, please.
Was leaning against the
Then a man climbed out of the
window and down the ladder.
He was moving slowly and
and the cook took him for a
painter or a carpenter.
And only later it occurred
to him,
that hardly anyone would
work so early in the morning.
What did this man look like?
Not very tall, wearing heavy
boots and a brown coat.
I'm sure
those were not sleeping pills
or stomach pills,
but fast-acting poison.
But he was stabbed, not
I could do the chemical analysis
of the pills myself,
but I think it will be more
if they do it in Scotland
Oh, Mr. Holmes,
Mr. Holmes...
Take it.
No! Toby!
Toby! Toby!
Spit it out. Toby, where
are you going?
As you can see Scotland Yard
has verified your hypothesis.
To it's health.
But it is alive.
- Toby!
- Our lab is always handy.
Mr. Holmes,
after experiments conducted
on animals
they usually proceed
to those with people.
Mr. Holmes, what are
Mr. Holmes, you saw it...
What's with you?
- Mister Holmes...
- You've been warned.
You have been warned.
There will be no more murders.
It'll be over soon.
The case is complicated and
it may seem illogical at first.
That confused you.
However such intricate
are most easy to solve.
Stop lecturing us.
If you know where he's
hiding, just tell us.
- You want to know?
- Yes, we'd like to know that.
I'll tell you, only...
- Watson.
- What is it?
I feel sick.
Cabby, stop!
We have to help him.
- Just a minute.
- Help him up.
I want you to meet...
Jefferson Hope.
The man who killed
Drebber and Stangerson.
In a week they're going to
try you in court.
If you want to say something
before that, we're listening.
But we have to warn you that
anything you say now
can be used against you.
He'll talk. We know
how to make them talk.
I've got nothing to hide.
I've done my work, now you
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