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m sorry, but you do have that
little habit -
I figured you decided to try
yourself as a detective.
He was going to come back for
the ring. I thought of an ambush
myself, but decided that
that would scare him away.
As a detective you were
and too self-assured, that's why
he attacked you first.
- How do you feel?
- Like a complete idiot.
Don't lose heart, Watson.
A terrible crime on Brixton
They killed an American.
Thank god, inspector Lestrade
is handling the case.
The papers write he's the best.
Inspector Lestrade is a
complacent fool!
It's what the "Times" writes.
Anything interesting in the
ads column?
Today on Brixton Road
a golden wedding ring
was found.
Inquire with Doctor...
221 B, Baker Street,
5 p.m. To 7 p.m.
- Doctor Watson?
- I'll pretend to be Watson.
You don't mind, do you?
Of course not.
- Where will you get the ring?
- Borrow it from the police.
- Good day.
- Good day.
Inspector, would you give me
the ring for a couple of days?
Ask Gregson. I have nothing
against that.
If you lose it, he will be
Mr. Holmes, I don't know what
you're after,
but I want to give you some
Good day.
Stop playing children's
While you search around dumps
with your magnifier...
us, ordinary sleuths
have already come onto
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
But we are not giving away
our secrets.
- Yes, Gregson?
- Eh?
- We're not giving away our
secrets? - Oh, no, no.
Mr. Holmes...
we know who killed Drebber.
We haven't found the man yet,
but we know his name.
Mr. Holmes, you remember the
letters in Drebber's pocket?
One was addressed to him,
the other...
To Joseph Stangerson.
You remember!
For you it may be just a name,
but I found out who he is.
He was E. Drebber's
personal secretary.
- So?
- What do you mean, "So"?
They were not on very good
terms lately,
the landlady and the neighbors
say, that every night
they heard noises and swearing
in Drebber's apartment.
And what's most important
- threats.
But there's more to it!
When we came to the lodge
to talk to that character,
we found out,
that he'd disappeared. Left
leaving all his belongings
So the case acquires a new
We have to find this
Gregson, you'll be responsible
for the ring.
When he comes,
I'll meet him here.
You hide under the staircase.
If you hear noises run upstairs.
You have the gun with you?
I read your ad in the paper.
I need Doctor Watson.
Yes, please.
Over here, please.
Follow me.
Mr. Watson.
Mr. Watson.
There's a lady to see
you about the ring.
- Is this your ring, madam?
- Yes. Oh my god!
I can't tell you how
grateful I am!
My husband, brigadier-general
Sir Arthur Fitz-Simmons
was killed in India in
the battle for Agra.
Since then I am in mourning.
And this wedding ring...
is the only thing I have
for memory.
He loved me so much! He...
Doctor, a glass of water
Watson, I have to bring
my apologies.
Just recently I laughed at you
and this moron Lestrade,
but now I made a fool of
- Was it him?
- The murderer? No.
It was his accomplice.
A professional actor.
A very talented actor at
And still I should have figured
him out. The black veil...
Gloves to conceal makeup...
My friend, I was punished
for my arrogance.
Now we will have to give the
ring back to Gregson.
He took the ring?!
- That's right.
- Oh no!
Have you noticed that the
accomplice came here by cab?
And the killer on Brixton
Road also came by cab.
Inspector, Lestrade made ill
prophesies and I lost the ring.
But I promise to return it to
you in two days time.
I hope so. Otherwise I'll have
to pay for it from my salary.
And it's not too big.
But I haven't come for
the ring.
We found the hotel where
Stangerson is staying
under a different name. Lestrade
has the arrest warrant.
You can
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