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Серые волки

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You're right with that.
Hold on,
where did he get that information?
Are you with us?
Yes, with you, Leonid llyich.
We've found the source
ofthe information.
Everything's fine.
He flewto the Crimea.
Maybe to do something with the plane?
Stop worry!
The point of our actions
is to make it look legal and easy.
And don't make it
look like a coup d'etat.
l feel uneasyfor some reason, Volodya.
You're surprised that l found you?
lt's not that hard for someone like you.
But why?
What ifyou're here with another man?
l'd choose a better place.
But this one seems good enough for me.
l don't believe you.
You always look for me when you feel bad.
Yes, you're right.
But now l'm driven into a corner.
- Bywhom?
- Doesn't matter.
l only know
that there's no one closerthan you.
Anastas lvanovich.
Sergey, l dozed off.
- Howwas yourflight?
- lt was okay.
l brought you the record.
Good. Come on in.
Why didn't you write mywords?
-What words?
-Which l told you that time.
About Brezhnev and Podgorny.
About everybody.
That we trust them.
Did you forget?
No, actually l thought
you told those words forthat man.
Why did l have to write them here?
Write them down.
- Now. Sit down and write them down.
Do you have your notebook?
- That's good.
-Are you writing?
-Yes, l do.
Have you finished?
- l think yes.
- Okaythen.
-You see this?
-Yes, l do.
- Sign it.
This is a document.
But this is not for administrative use.
You're young.
Everything seems strange foryou.
Sign it.
- Okay.
-Very good.
l'll need that for my memorandum.
What do you think
about getting married in November?
Why did you choose this month?
lt's autumn. Autumn wedding.
But it was May.
Nowyou won't get awayfrom me.
lt's not the worst thing
in woman's life.
Come on in, friends.
So, it's time, Nikita Sergeevich.
They're gonna report now.
Five minutes ago the launch
has been started.
l must prepare
a new edition of constitution
to the November plenary session.
l dictated something.
Take a look.
lt's strange. lf it were a delay
or an accident we would've been informed.
- Put me through with Kosygin.
- Okay, Nikita Sergeevich.
Nikita Sergeevich, Kosygin is out.
- Then with Smirnov.
- He's out too. They're looking for him.
l'll find them everyone
when l return.
An important message.
There's a newthree-seater piloted
space aircraft ''Voskhod'' on the orbit.
Today on the 12th of October, 1964,
at 10.30 am, Moscowtime,
in Soviet Union
a space aircraft ''Voskhod''
was taken out
by a powerful launch vehicle.
There are citizens ofthe Soviet Union
on the board...
Why? No interviewtoday.
Smirnov is on the phone,
Nikita Sergeevich.
Comrade Smirnov,
why didn't you report about the launch?
What do you mean didn't have time?
You have time for getting rations?
You must have reported me immediately!
The leader ofthe country
finds out about that on TV!
Are you crazy?
You're a scumbag, comrade Smirnov!
l reprimand you!
Look, what ifwe go
on a pre-wedding trip?
Let's go to Pitsunda, for example.
My conspirer.
That's whyyou imagined the wedding?
l'd go to the end ofthe world with you.
- Let's pack then.
- Let's.
- Let's.
- Let's.
Barvikha. Brezhnev's residence.
Don't think something bad.
Wejust didn't want to worryyou.
But we were sure
that ourthoughts are united,
and that you support us,
our dear Mikhail Andreevich.
M.A. Suslov.
A member ofthe CC CPSU presidium
What are you doing?
That is a civil war!
Come to your senses!
R.Y. Malinovskiy.
Minister of Defence, a member of CC CPSU
There will be no civil war.
You said several times that the people
are tired of Khrushchev.
lt's time to apply
ourtalks in reality.
We must do that immediately,
Mikhail Andreevich.
Before the cosmonaut returns.
He shouldn't meet him.
l mean it's not him
who should meet him.
And who should?
The heart of our presidium,
our beloved
Серые волки Серые волки

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