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They're totally indifferent.
All they do is mock me,
just like they did the fat fellow.
All the time.
Mocking, mocking,
mocking, mocking, mocking.
All the time!
Now it is Babu's turn to mock.
Finally I will have some justice.
Send them away!
Send them all away!
Lock them up forever!
They are not human.
They are very bad!
Very, very, very bad!
Hi everybody, I'm Geraldo Rivera
and welcome to this
special edition of Rivera Live.
Well, arguments in the
Good Samaritan trial ended today.
The jury has been in deliberation
for four and a half hours now.
Let's go live to Jane Wells
who is in Latham, Massachusetts
covering this trial for us.
Jane -
Geraldo, just a few minutes ago,
the jury asked to see the video tape.
That's the one where they are overheard
making sarcastic remarks during the robbery.
Yes, it's a very incriminating
piece of evidence.
But I must tell you, Geraldo,
this courtroom and
everyone who has attended this trial
is still reeling
from the endless parade of witnesses
who have come forth so enthusiastically
to testify
against these four
seemingly ordinary people.
One even had the feeling that if Judge Vandelay
didn't finally put a stop to it,
it could've gone on for months.
Jane, whose testimony do you think
resonated most strongly with this jury?
That is so hard to say.
Certainly there's the doctor
with the poisoned invitations.
The Bubble Boy was an extremely
sympathetic and tragic figure.
And that bizarre contest
certainly didn't sit well
with this small town jury.
There's the woman
they sold the defective wheelchair to,
the deported Pakistani restaurateur.
Geraldo, it just went on,
and on, and on, into the night.
And so we wait.
Do they make you wear uniforms in prison?
I think so.
It's not that bright orange one, is it?
I hope it's not that one,
because I cannot wear orange.
Will you stop worrying?
Jackie's going to get us off.
He never loses.
How about when he asked that cop
if a black man had ever been to his house.
Did you see the look on his face?
Sorry to bother you, Judge.
How did you get in here?
Please, if he's found guilty,
please be kind to him.
He's a good boy.
This is highly irregular.
Well, maybe there's something
I can do for you.
What do you mean?
You know...
Oh, Jackie, you're so articulate.
We have plenty of time, too.
This jury could be out for days.
They're ready.
Hey Elaine--
what was it
you were about to say to me
on the plane when it was going down?
I've always loved U...
...nited Airlines.
I think it's going to be okay -
that girl just smiled at me.
Maybe because she knows
you're going to jail.
All rise.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
have you reached a verdict?
We have, Your Honor.
Will the defendants please rise.
And how do you find with respect to
the charge of criminal indifference?
We find the defendants -
Order in this court,
I will clear this room!
I do not know how or
under what circumstances
the four of you found each other,
but your callous indifference
and utter disregard for
everything that is good and decent
has rocked the very foundation
upon which our society is built.
I can think of nothing more fitting
than for the four of you
to spend a year removed from society
so that you can contemplate
the manner in which you
have conducted yourselves.
I know I will.
This court is adjourned.
You had to hop!
You had to hop on the plane.
don't wait for me.
We gotta get out of here.
We want to beat the traffic.
Come on, Jackie.
Let's go.
Oh, and by the way, they're real,
and they're spectacular.
Well, it's only a year.
That's not so bad.
We'll be out in a year,
and then we'll be back.
Could be fun.
Don't have to worry about your meals,
or what you're going to do Saturday night.
And they do shows.
Yeah, we could put on a show -
maybe "Bye Bye Birdie" or "My Fair Lady".
Elaine, you
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