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Call Mabel Choate to the stand.
Call Mabel Choate.
Your Honor.
I most strenuously and vigorously
object to this witness.
She was not present
at the time of the incident.
Her testimony is irrelevant,
irrational, and inconsequential.
Your Honor, the prosecution has
gone to great lengths and considerable cost
to find these character witnesses.
It is imperative that we establish
this is not merely an isolated incident.
It's part of a pattern of anti-social behavior
that's been going on for years.
Objection overruled.
I'll hear the witness.
Now, Mrs. Choate,
would you please tell the court
what happened the evening of January 4th.
Well, I was in Snitzer's Bakery
when I got accosted by that man.
Let the record show that she
is pointing at Mr. Seinfeld.
What did he want?
My marble rye.
Your marble rye?
I got the last one.
He kept persisting, and I said no.
And then you left the bakery.
That's right.
But it didn't end there,
did it, Mrs. Choate?
Oh no.
Gimme that rye.
Stop it.
I want that rye lady.
Help - someone help.
Shut up, you old bag!
No further questions.
I call Marla Penny to the stand.
Call Marla Penny.
The virgin!
And what was your connection
to the defendants?
I dated Mr. Seinfeld
for several weeks in the autumn of 1992.
Then on the evening of October 28,
there was an abrupt end to that relationship.
Tell us what happened.
It's rather difficult to talk about.
It's alright.
Take your time.
Well, I became aware of a -
A what?
A, uh -
A contest.
What was the nature of the contest?
Oh please, I can't.
It's okay.
The four of them made a wager
to see if they could -
To see who could go the longest
without gratifying themselves.
For the love of God!
It was horrible, horrible!
Call Donald Sanger to the stand.
Who the hell is that?
Come on Donald, you're doing fine.
The Bubble Boy!
Bubble Boy?
That's right, the Bubble Boy.
What's a Bubble Boy?
He's a boy who lives in a bubble.
What the hell are all you looking at?
So Donald,
would you please tell the court
about the incident that occurred
in your house, October 7th, 1992.
Well, Jerry Seinfeld was supposed to
come to my house,
but his friend Costanza
showed up instead,
so I challenged him
to a game of Trivial Pursuit.
Who invaded Spain in the Eighth Century?
That's a joke - the Moors.
Oh no - I'm so sorry, it's the Moops.
The correct answer is the Moops.
Let me see that.
That's not Moops, you jerk.
It's Moors.
It's a misprint.
Sorry, the card says Moops.
It doesn't matter.
It's Moors - there's no Moops.
It's Moops.
Help! Someone!
There's no Moops, you idiot.
Stop it! Let go of him!
Donald, stop it.
No. Donald, stop it.
It was Moops.
So Mr. Costanza
parked in a handicapped spot,
and as a result you got in an accident,
and your wheelchair was destroyed?
That's right.
And then Mr. Kramer
gave you a used wheelchair?
That's right.
So you were the doctor on duty
the night Susan Ross died?
Yes, that's right.
It was May 16th, 1996.
I'll never forget it.
So you broke the news to Mr. Costanza?
Could you tell the court, please,
what his reaction was?
I would describe it as
restrained jubilation.
He killed our daughter!
He knew those envelopes were toxic!
Order in this court!
Call Sidra Holland to the stand.
Look at this one, she fine.
You dated her?
So you met Jerry Seinfeld
in a health club sometime in 1993?
And you also met Miss Benes
in that same health club?
Yes, that's true.
Would you describe
the circumstances of that meeting.
We were in the sauna, making chit-chat.
You know, I've seen you around the club.
My name's Sidra.
This is Marcie.
Oh, hi, I'm Elaine.
So, she pretended to trip,
and she fell into your breasts?
Why would she do something like that?
Because he sent her in there
to find out if they were real.
State your name.
Bookman, Joe Bookman.
And what's
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