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and as much as five years in prison.
Oh no, no no no -
we have to be in California next week.
We're starting a TV show.
Oh gosh, I don't think so.
Yeah, my guess is
you're gonna be prosecuted.
Better get yourselves a good lawyer.
Who told you to put the cheese on?
Did I tell you to put the cheese on?
I didn't tell you to put the cheese on.
Jerry Seinfeld on the phone.
You people with the cheese.
It never ends.
Good Samaritan Law?
I never heard of it.
You don't have to help anybody.
That's what this country's all about.
That's deplorable,
unfathomable, improbable.
Hold on.
Suzie, cancel my appointment
with Dr. Bison.
And pack a bag for me.
I want to get to
Latham, Massachusetts right away.
So they got Jackie Chiles, huh?
Uh huh.
You know what that means.
This whole place is going to be swarming
with media by the time this thing is over.
You're not going to be able to
find a hotel room in this town.
The whole country
is going to be watching us.
Now we got to do
whatever it takes to win it,
no matter what the cost.
The big issue in this trial
is going to be character.
I want you to find out
everything you can about these people.
And I mean everything.
Mmmm, this is pretty good chow, huh?
Would it kill him to check up on us?
No - drops off the meals and that's it.
I realize we're prisoners,
but we're still entitled to ketchup!
I guess we could've called for help.
But then we would have
missed the whole thing.
I still had it on video.
We could have watched it later.
Yeah, he's right.
I forgot about the video.
Sure. Video.
What is that?
Plane's ready.Hi everybody, I'm Geraldo Rivera.
Tonight we'll be talking about
what most of you have probably
been discussing in your homes,
and around the water coolers
in your offices.
I am speaking of course of the
controversial Good Samaritan trial
that gets underway Thursday
in Latham, Massachusetts.
Now before we meet
our distinguished panel,
let's go to Latham live,
where Jane Wells is standing by.
Yes. Good evening, Geraldo.
What's the mood?
What's going on tonight?
Well, Latham is fairly quiet tonight,
considering the media circus that has
descended upon this quaint little town.
And what about the defendants -
the so-called New York Four.
How are they holding up?
Well, I did speak with one of the deputies
who had some contact with them,
and he told me, quote:
"There's no love lost with that group."
Anything else, Jane?
There also seems to be some friction
between Mr. Seinfeld and Ms. Benes.
The rumor is that they once dated,
and it's possible that ended badly.
Well, ladies and gentlemen,
who knows,
maybe this trial will bring them
closer together.
Maybe they'll even end up getting married.
I hope you packed enough.
This trial could last for weeks.
What's all that?
You're packing cereal?
I'm bringing it for Jerry.
You got enough here for a life sentence.
He likes it.
He says he misses that
more that anything.
So bring a snack-pack.
Poor Georgie,
was it our fault this happened to him?
Did we do something wrong?
Maybe it was our fault.
Maybe it was your fault.
It wasn't my fault.
I can tell you that.
Oh, so it was my fault, but not yours.
You were the one who smothered him.
I did not smother him.
You smothered!
He couldn't get any air!
He couldn't breathe!
He was suffocating!
Sure, and you were always in Korea
with your religious tchatchkes.
I had to make a living!
This is excellent huh?
Don't worry I didn't use too much milk,
cause I know we gotta make it last.
You know I've had to reduce my milk level.
My whole life I've always filled
to at least three quarters.
Sometimes, to the top of the cereal.
Now, to conserve,
I can't even see the milk anymore.
It's a big adjustment.
I bet.
It's one of the hardest things
I've ever had to do.
Good morning.
Good morning, Jackie.
Good morning.
Is everybody ready?
Didn't I tell
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