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get it out,
I can't take this anymore.
Kramer, don't be fooling around up here.
Hey, get the hell out of here!
What is that?
Oh my God!
What is that noise?
What is that noise?
Kramer, what the hell did you do?
I lost my balance.
Oh my God!
What's going on?
It was an accident.
I told you to stop with the hopping.
Oh my God, we're going down.
We're going to die!
Just when I was doing great.
I told you
God wouldn't let me be successful.
Is this it?
Is this how it ends?
It can't!
It can't end like this!
I'm ready! I'm ready!
Glory hallelujah!
Jerry, can you hear me?
There's something I have to tell you.
What? What is it?
I cheated in the contest.
- What?
The contest - I cheated.
Because I'm a cheater!
I had to tell you.
Great - I won.
Jerry, I gotta tell you something too.
Yeah, Elaine, I got something
I want to say to you.
No no - me first.
Jerry, I've always ...
Hey - What's going on?
We're straightening out!
We're straightening out?
We're straightening out!
- We're straightening out!
Well, again,
sorry about that little mishap.
But once you get everything checked out,
there shouldn't be anymore problems.
Where are we?
Latham, Massachusetts.
Why don't you take a cab into town,
get yourself something to eat.
I got your beeper number -
I'll beep you as soon as we're ready.
Yeah, okay.
We'll see you later.
Well, what are we going to do about Paris?
I mean, are we actually
going to get back on this plane?
I say we go back to New York,
and take a regular flight.
I'm not getting on a regular plane now.
I'm all psyched up to go on a private jet.
No way I'm getting on a regular plane.
Well, I'm sure that they
would fly us first class.
First class doesn't make it anymore.
Now you get on the phone with Kimbrough,
tell him what happened and tell him
to get another plane down here,
but this time, the good one -
the Ted Danson plane.
Alright, I'll feel him out.
Yeah, just tell him to hurry it up.
Nice day.
Another one?
Alright fatso, out of the car.
I want to capture this.
Come on!
Gimme your wallet.
Don't shoot.
Well, there goes the money for the lipo.
See, the great thing about robbing a fat guy
is, it's an easy getaway.
You know?
They can't really chase ya!
He's actually doing him a favor.
It's less money for him to buy food.
I want your wallet.
Come on. Come on, come on.
That's a shame.
Alright, I'm gonna call NBC.
Officer, he's stealing my car!
Officer, I was carjacked.
I was held up at gunpoint!
He took my wallet, everything!
Okay, thanks anyway.
They can't get another plane.
All right, what's wrong
with the plane we got?
They're just checking it out.
Forget it.
- No, no, no.
We're not getting on there.
Come on, let's go get something to eat
in Sticksville.
All right, hold it right there.
You're under arrest.
Under arrest? What for?
Article 223-7 of the
Latham County Penal Code.
No, no - we didn't do anything.
That's exactly right.
The law requires you to
help or assist anyone in danger
as long as it's reasonable to do so.
I never heard of that.
It's new.
It's called the Good Samaritan Law.
Let's go.
The Good Samaritan Law?
Are they crazy?
Why would we want to help somebody?
I know.
That's what nuns and
Red Cross workers are for.
The Samaritans were an ancient tribe.
Very helpful to people.
Um, excuse me?
Hi, could you tell me
what kind of law this is?
Well, they just passed it last year.
It's modeled after the French law.
I heard about it after
Princess Diana was killed
and all those photographers
were just standing around.
Oh, yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
You're the first ones to be arrested on it,
probably in the whole country.
All right, so what's the penalty here?
Let's pay the fine or something
and get the hell out of here.
Well, it's not that easy.
See now, the law calls for
a maximum fine of $85,000
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