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One big fling before
George and I go to California.
So we can go anywhere we want?
Why are they doing this?
I think they want to make it up to us,
cause they let this thing
sit on their shelf for five years.
This is all very exciting.
So? Where are we going?
I say Japan.
Why Japan?
Oh - geishas.
They cater to your every whim.
They're shy at first, but they're
quite skilled at conversation.
They can discuss anything from
world affairs to the fine art of fishing.
Or baking.
Oh! I got it.
How about Russia?
Russia, it's so bleak.
It's not bleak.
It's springtime.
It's still bleak.
You can't be bleak in spring.
You can be bleak in spring.
If you're bleak, you're bleak.
What about Switzerland?
Oh - Switzerland -
the Von Trapp family, huh?
It's a bit hilly - no?
You're not going to do any walking.
What if I want to walk around a little?
So then you'll walk down the hill
and we'll pick you up.
What if I'm at the bottom?
All right! You know what, just forget it!
Alright - come on - come on now, people.
Let's face it, we're not all
going to agree on anything.
Why don't we all just go to Paris?
I'll go to Paris.
Me too.
Oh yeah - oui oui.
So that's it. It's settled.
We're going to Paris.
NBC limo is downstairs.
I'm just going to call Jill
one more time before we go.
Wait, you can't make a call like that
on your way out.
You can't rush that conversation.
Well, I can't call from the limo.
Can I call from the plane?
First you make a cell-phone walk-and-talk,
then she loses a call-waiting face-off,
now you're talking about a plane call?
All right, I'll just have to
call her from Paris.
Hello, Jerry.
Hello, Newman.
What gives?
I was speaking earlier with Kramer,
and he mentioned something
about a private jet to Paris?
Yeah, that's right.
Well, I hear it's quite beautiful there
this time of year,
and of course you know
I'm one-quarter French.
Oh yes, in fact
I still have family there.
This probably won't interest you,
but I have a cousin there
who's suffering very badly.
She's lost all use of her muscles.
She can only communicate by blinking.
I would so love to see her.
Bring a ray of sunshine
into her tragic life.
But alas, I can't afford it,
for I am, as you know,
but a simple postal worker.
That's a shame.
Take me! Take me!
Oh, forget it.
Pull yourself together.
You're making me sick.
Be a man!
All right!
But hear me and hear me well.
The day will come.
Oh yes. Mark my words, Seinfeld.
Your day of reckoning is coming.
When an evil wind will blow
through your little playworld
and wipe that smug smile
off your face.
And I'll be there,
in all my glory, watching -
watching as it all comes crumbling down.
Ah, Jerry?
- Yeah.
I'm Captain Maddox.
This is my co-pilot, Kurt Adams.
Ready to go to Paris?
All set.
We'll just grab the bags.
Don't worry about that.
We'll take care of them for you.
Just keeps on getting better and better.
Not bad.
The only way to fly.
This is it?
I'm sorry.
I have to say, I'm a little disappointed.
I thought it would be a lot nicer.
You're complaining about a private jet?
You think this is the plane
that Ted Danson gets?
Ted Danson is not even on the network anymore.
Still, I bet when they gave him a plane,
it was a lot nicer than this one.
Will you shut up?
You are ruining the whole trip.
This is a real piece of junk.
I don't even feel safe on this thing.
I have a good mind to
write a letter to Mr. Kimbrough.
You're not writing any letters!
Would you turn around?
You are annoying me sitting like that.
It's effeminate.
It's effeminate to sit like this?
Yes, I think it's a little effeminate.
How is this effeminate?
I don't know - it just is.
Kramer, what are you doing?
Still got water in your ear?
Can't get rid of it.
Maybe it leaked inside my brain.
Would you stop that?
It's not safe to be
jumping up and down on a plane.
I got to
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