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Water coolers?
We call it a water-cooler show.
Because the next day in the offices,
people gather around the water coolers
to talk about it, right?
See, I think people would talk about it
at the coffee machines.
It's probably just easier to say
"water cooler show" than "coffee machine show".
It's really not accurate.
Nobody drinks from a water cooler
anymore - they use bottles.
But I think Mr. Kimbrough makes a good point.
Anyway, Stu here started telling me
about a show, "Jerry",
that he developed five years ago.
I have always loved it.
He said it was a show about nothing.
So, I saw the pilot,
and I've got to tell you -
I flipped out.
He totally flipped out.
What I want to do is
put it on the air.
13-episode commitment.
Start it off on Wednesday night,
build an audience.
This show needs time to grow.
I love that Kramer guy.
He's a little off the wall.
Oh yeah.
And Elaine -
I wouldn't mind seeing
something happening between you two.
I tell you,
I really don't think so-called relationship humor
is what this show is all about.
Or we could not do the show
altogether, how about that?
Or we could get them together.
- Yeah!
Jill, hi, it's Elaine.
Well, I'm calling from my home.
Well, I was just calling
to see how your fa...
I'm sorry, I'm getting another call.
Hang on just a second.
Hi. Elaine, it's me.
Jerry, I'm on the other line.
No, no, this is an emergency.
Get off the phone.
I'm sorry, Jill.
I'm going to have to take this call.
Jerry, what's the emergency?
The "Jerry"'s back on - the TV show!
George and I are moving to California!
That's the emergency?
Did you hear what I said?
I was on the other line
talking to Jill.
Well, why didn't you say so?
You said it was an emergency.
So now she's lost a phone face-off?
That's even worse than your
cell phone walk-and-talk.
they're doing the show.
They should have put that show on
five years ago.
Bunch of idiots at that network.
Can I tell you something, Jerry?
It's all crap on TV.
The only thing I watch is
"Xena the Warrior Princess".
She must be about six-six.
She's not six-six.
Jerry, you ever watch that?
Yeah, it's pretty good.
They picked up the show?
I'm moving to California.
Oh baby-doll,
this kid's going places, I told you.
The NBC guy liked it?
Of course he liked it.
He told you he liked it?
He wouldn't put it on
if he didn't like it.
Well, what are you doing?
I'm writing.
You know how to write?
Without the writing, you have nothing.
You're the ones that make them look good.
Since when do you know how to write?
I never saw you write anything.
I don't know how you're gonna
write all those shows.
And where are you gonna get all the ideas?
Would you leave him alone?
You'll shatter his confidence!
I don't need any ideas.
It's a show about nothing.
Nothing. Please.
I'll tell you the truth -
the whole thing sounds pretty stupid to me.
NBC is letting me use their private jet?
And I can go anywhere I want?
That's fantastic!
Okay, bye.
Oh hey!
Hey - how was the beach?
Oh, you missed it, buddy.
Lot of femininas - some major femininas.
I had a little meeting today at NBC.
What are you doing?
You know, I went swimming and
I can't get this water out of my ear.
So do you remember five years ago,
we did that pilot, "Jerry"?
Well, the new guy at NBC wants to do it.
They're putting it on the air!
They're giving us a 13-episode commitment.
George and I are moving to California!
You're moving to California?
Yeah, but only for a while.
Yeah, but Jerry,
what happens if the show's a hit?
You could be out there for years!
You might never come back.
No, I'll be back.
It's L.A.
Nobody leaves.
She's a seductress, she's a siren,
she's a virgin, she's a whore.
And my agent said, as a bonus
I can use their private jet.
So we'll all go somewhere.
The four of us.
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