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hours. May I?
I insist. Ill fix us a drink.
I got it.
Whew. You know Darren,
if you would have told me
twenty-five years ago that some day
Id be standing here about to solve
the worlds energy problems,
I wouldve said youre
crazy... Now lets push
this giant ball of oil out the window.
So, check out my view.
Wow! Hey, theres Clare.
I better go down.
Hey, theres Kramer & Darren.
Theres the giant ball of oil.
Clares right underneath that thing.
Clare! Hello-o-o-o! Hello-o-o-o!
I dont believe this.
I am not looking up
if youre going to do that voice.
Bombs away
This is going to be a shame.
Well, that didnt work.
Hey, how about this...ketchup and mustard
in the same bottle?
Oh that sounds interesting sir.
Clare won her lawsuit against Play Now.
Gee, Play Now is filing for bankruptcy.
I guess youre not going in anymore.
So theyre not paying you your...
So youre pretty much...
What ever happened to Darren?
Darren is going away for a long
long time.
So Clare sure looked real funny
covered in oil like that...
Hello-o-o-o I got beamed with
a giant ball of oil...
Im slippery as an eel...
La la la.
Im just so glad its back.
See, this is good. This is the way
it should be.
You know why are we fooling ourselves.
We belong together.
I want to break up.
Ah nuts!I got no leg room back here.
Move your seat forward.
That's as far as it goes.
There's a mechanism. You just pull it,
and throw your body weight.
I pulled it. It doesn't go.
If you want the leg room, say you want
the leg room! Don't blame the mechanism!
All right, Dad, we're five blocks
from the house.  Sit sideways.
Like an animal. Because of her,
I have to sit here like an animal!
Serenity now! Serenity now!
What is that?
Doctor gave me a relaxation cassette.
When my blood pressure
gets too high, the man
on the tape tells me
to say, 'Serenity now!'
Are you supposed to yell it?
The man on the tape wasn't specific.
What happened to the screen door?
It blew off again?
I told you to fix that thing.
Serenity nowww!
So I told Bobby and Lisa that  we'd try
the new Chinese Spanish  place
La Caridad on Saturday.
Oh, I thought we had tickets
for the Knicks home opener.
Well I thought this would be more fun
so I gave the tickets away.
What? All right, fine.
Are you mad at me?
No, I love a good Chinese Spanish
whatever it is.
You know... I've never seen you mad.
I get peeved.
I'd like to see you get *really* mad.
Why does she want you to be mad?
She says I suppress my emotions.
So what do you care what she thinks.
Good body.
She probably gets that impression
because you're cool.
You're under control. Like me.
Nothing wrong with that.
But I get upset, I've yelled.
You've heard me yell.
Not really. Your voice kind of raises
to this comedic pitch.
Kramer, I am so sick of you comin' in here
and eatin' all my food.
Now shut that door and get
the hell out of here!
What is that, a new bit?
I told ya. Hey, any of you guys
want to come out
and help me fix  my father's screen
door in Queens?
Sorry, I'm fixing a screen door in the Bronx.
I'll do it.
Really? You wanna come?
Yeah, I love going to the country.
Where are they goin'?
Fix a screen door in Queens.
That's funny. Hey, listen, what are
you doin' Saturday night?
Not goin' to the Knick game.
I need someone to go with me
to Mr. Lippman's son's Bar Mitzvah.
You know, if you don't bring a guest
they save a catering.
You should be able to buy
a cheaper gift.
Oh, I don't think that's possible.
Get in a little closer.
I can't see the screen door. Perfect.
Dad, the hinges are all rusted here.
That's why the wind keeps
blowing the door off.
I hate that old door. Throw it out!
Serenity now!
It might be time to just let her go,
Frank. She's worked hard for ya.
Will you put her to rest for me?
Oh yeah, I'll take good care of her.
Get George
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