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No, thank you.
So what are you doing?
Come on, let's go to the beach.
What, are you crazy?
What? It's a beautiful day.
Have a good time.
Yeah, there's something in the air today.
You feel it?
There's something in the air.
You know you're turning into Burt Lancaster?
Yeah, there's something in the air.
Oh, I forgot to call Jill.
Hi, it's Elaine.
How is your father?
Is everything okay?
I can't hear you so good.
There's a lot of static.
I'm going to call you back.
Jill's father is in the hospital
and you call to ask about him
on a cell phone?
What? No good?
Faux pas.
Faux pas?
Big hefty stinking faux pas.
You can't make a health inquiry
on a cellphone.
It's like saying,
"I don't want to take up
any of my important time in my home,
so I'll just get it out of the way
on the street."
And the street cellphone call
is the lowest phone call you can make.
It's an act of total disregard.
It's selfish.
It's dismissive.
It's pompous.
Why don't you think
before you do something?
Here's a thought--
Bye bye.
Too much?
Boy, I'm really surprised at Elaine.
That whole phone business.
She should know better than that.
Hey - hey - hey!
Where do you think this relationship is?
If you are thinking of instituting
an open-door urination policy,
let me disabuse you of that notion
right now, my friend.
You're so uptight.
Let's all just have a big pee party.
Hey everybody, grab a bucket.
We're going up to Jerry's.
It's a pee party.
Jerry, this is Elizabeth Clark calling
from James Kimbrough's office at NBC.
Could you please give us a call?
Yeah, hi, this is Jerry Seinfeld
calling for James Kimbrough.
Uh huh--
Uh, no problem.
That was James Kimbrough.
Who's he?
He is the new president of NBC.
He wants to sit down with us
and talk about "Jerry".
Our show, "Jerry"?
"Jerry", oh my God.
He wants to talk about "Jerry"?
Today, like right now.
Right now?
He wants to talk about "Jerry"?
He wants to talk about "Jerry"!
Can I go like this?
No sports jacket?
I don't need a sports jacket?
Writers wear sports jackets.
Forget the sports jacket.
I won't feel like a writer.
You're not a writer.
Need some water!
Water here!
OK, now listen.
I don't want any scenes in here
like the last time.
Don't worry, don't worry,
no scenes.
Don't blow this.
I will not blow this.
If he says he doesn't want it to be
a show about nothing, don't go nuts.
It's fine,
it doesn't have to be about nothing.
He might not want nothing.
Something, nothing, I could care less.
He might want a show
about anything and everything.
Anything, everything, something, nothing -
Who the hell cares?
Put me down.
I'm down!
All right.
Mr. Kimbrough is ready to see you.
Magic time.
Mr. Kimbrough.
Hey, Jerry, good to see you.
Hey, hey, hey!
- How you been?
Good, good.
You remember George.
George, good to see you.
Hello Stu.
You remember Jay Crespi.
Jay Crespi!
How am I gonna forget Jay Crespi?
This is James Kimbrough.
Nice to meet you, pleasure,
thanks for coming in.
Don't spell.
That's right.
It's a talent I have.
Why don't we sit down.
Glad you're here.
Some day out there.
You ever see weather like that?
It's crisp.
It's crispy crisp.
Shut up, George.
Can I get you anything?
What do we have in the fruit department?
Oh, that's a dangerous fruit.
It's like a weapon, that thing.
Got spikes on the end.
You can get killed
from one of those things.
Anyway, let me tell you why I called.
When I took over here last month,
I reviewed what was in development,
and it was pretty much
same old, same old.
Been there, done that.
I was looking for something different.
Something that would have people
talking at the water
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