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No. You have,
like, a dot on your face.
Whoever's doing that is very clever.
Come on, man.
You need to lighten up.
You know, a feeling like this
only happens once a year.
Yeah, it's like this
every day in Puerto Rico.
See, now you're
getting the spirit of it, huh?
Ooh! Dios mo!
Hey! There's a guy
burning the Puerto Rican flag!
Who! Who is burning the flag?!
Oh, no.
That's not very nice.
It was an accident.
Do you know what day this is?
Because I know what day this is,
they know what day this is,
so I was wondering
if you know what day this is!
Because it's Puerto Rican day.
Maybe we should estomp you
like you estomp the flag!
What do you think of that?
Now look, I just have one thing
to say to you boys.
Right this way, Mr. Vandelay.
Well, this is a lovely apartment.
Lovely! My kids are gonna go crazy.
I, uh, I wonder if I could see the bathrooms.
Preferably one with some paint thinner
and, uh, some rags?
It's down the hall.
Oh, hello...
Mr. Vandelay, of course.
You two know each other?
Mr. Pennypacker!
Uh, yes, uh,
I--I wanted to, uh, stop by
and make sure that my
shark tank fits in--
Uh, hello.
Mr. Pennypacker, this is Mr. Vandelay.
And you know Mr. Varnsen.
Uh, Varnsen.
Pennypacker. Varnsen.
Wait a second.
Mr. Pennypacker, if you're here,
and Mr. Vandelay is also here,
then who's watching the factory?
The factory?
The Saab factory?
Jerry, that's in Sweden.
My car!
Well, you know, it's like this
every day in Puerto Rico.
Jerry, the Mets lost.
I love a parade!
How do you suppose they did that?
there's no logical explanation.
All right.
Well, shall we go home?
Well, what about my car?
Well, Jerry, you can't deduct it now.
Hey, there's Elaine.
Well, you look, uh...
Well, it is Sunday night,
and you know how I like to unwind.
Hey, black Saab.
Looks like that building cut you off!
See ya around!
Well, at least he didn't--
Somebody remember where we parked.
This was a fun day.
It's nice to get out.It seems like whenever these office people
call you in for a meeting,
the whole thing is about the sitting down.
I would really like to sit down with you.
I think we need to sit down and talk.
Why don't you come in, and we'll sit down.
Well, sometimes the sitting down doesn't work.
People get mad at the sitting.
You know, we've been sitting here
for I don't know how long.
How much longer are we just going to sit here?
I'll tell you what I think we should do.
I think we should all sleep on it.
Maybe we're not getting down low enough.
Maybe if we all lie down,
then our brains will work.
I can't eat this without ketchup.
Would it kill her to check up on us?
Would that be a terrible thing?
"How's everything?"
"Do you need anything?"
"What can I do for you?"
I know what you mean.
- Do you?
It's like going out with someone
and you never hear from them again.
Same thing!
Not really, but it's something.
Ask the people behind you.
Excuse me.
Are you using your ketchup?
What do you think?
You want to give him the ketchup?
It's up to you.
You know what?
I don't think so.
I'm going to need it from time to time.
So what are you doing later?
You want to go to the movies?
Nah - what for?
To see a movie.
I've been to the movies.
Not this movie.
They're all the same.
You go, you sit,
you eat popcorn, you watch.
I'm sick of it.
Did you shower today?
That's usually the kind of mood
I'm in when I haven't showered.
When is it going to be my turn, Jerry?
When do I get my 15 minutes?
I want my 15 minutes!
Oh, quit complaining.
At least you have your health.
Ah! Health's not good enough.
I want more than health.
Health's not doing it for me anymore.
I'm sick of health.
All right, we're done.
You can have it now.
Oh, very gracious.
Nice day.
What is that?
Hey! JoJo!
Hey, hey!
All right,
thanks for the ride, Kramer.
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