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little zinger of my own
I wanted to try.
It's right in the explosion scene.
So if you could just...
leave me a little window.
You know, my, uh, my aunt
had a thing removed with a laser.
All right, I don't want to
interrupt your meal, so...
What a comeback for the New York Mets.
Six runs in the bottom of the ninth.
I've gotta see this game.
If it wasn't for this guy,
we could get out of here.
This traffic's a killer, aingt it?
You want to get outta here?
Here's what we do.
We leave the car here,
we take the plates off,
we scratch the serial number
off the engine block, and we walk away.
Walk away?
You've got insurance.
You tell them that the car was stolen,
and then you get another one free.
Isn't there a deductible?
All right, what is your deductible?
I don't know.
Yes, because they've already deducted it.
From what?
The car, which we're leaving.
So the net is zero.
See you pocket the money,
if there is any, and you get a new car.
We're not leaving the car!
All right.
If you refuse to grow up
and scam your insurance company,
you'll have to work this out
with maroon Golf.
Absolutely not. He sped up.
Swung on, lined hard
toward left center field.
That's in the gap,
that's a base hit.
I'm ready to talk.
Hey! There's that laser guy again.
He's funny.
I never meet anyone funny.
I know.
A sense of humor is so much
more important to me than looks or hair.
Mmm, yeah.
That's gotta hurt!
It's...gotta hurt!
Damn you, laser guy!
You had to grab it all
with your lowbrow laser shtick!
You're just a prop comic!
Where's the craft?!
Look! It's on the bald guy.
I am so glad we came to this showing.
OK, here's the deal.
He wants you to acknowledge that you
cut him off with an "I'm sorry" wave.
What's that?
You raise the hand, lower the head--
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
The buttons are really big on the car.
I don't understand it.
I haven't read the manual. Ooh!"
You get my drift.
Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.
But I'll take it.
All right, Lamar, back it up a little bit
so we can get out now.
All right. At last,
we're finally getting out of here.
What's that on your forehead?
It's probably chocolate.
Hey, is that one of those
laser pointers?
Hey, Jerry, crank up the Floyd.
It's a George laserium!
All right, stop it!
Stay away from my breast!
See ya around, maroon Golf.
And, by the way,
that was an "I'm not sorry" wave.
What was that?
I'm glad I cut you off,
because black Saab rules!
So long, jackass!
So I'm a jackass now?
So if everyone would just
put their cars in reverse at the same time,
we can do this.
All right, on the count of three.
Can everyone hear me?
Hey, amigo, are you paying attention?
Buenos das, my friend.
Not you!
The guy in the Amigo.
Uh, well-- here--
here is good.
Oh, yeah, sure,
and now I'm gonna be stuck here.
But you knew the way to go!
You went to college!
Hey, I went to Tufts!
That was my safety school!
So don't talk to me about hardship.
Boy, can you believe this mess?
Elaine, why did you have the cab
come down the street?
We were almost out!
So that was your girlfriend
that blocked you in.
That's real good.
I'm not his girlfriend.
Well, actually, we used to date,
but not anymore.
Elaine, he doesn't need--
Used to date?
So I guess you found out he's a jackass.
'Cause that's what's gonna happen.
Wow. He's giving you a mustache.
Where is this guy?
Don't look around. Don't look around.
That's what he wants.
All right. Well, I'll see ya.
Hey, George, I think there's
a sniper looking to pop ya.
This thing can't hurt me, can it?
I mean, it is a laser.
What if it hits my eye?
I don't know.
I can't be blind, Jerry.
The blind are courageous.
You'll be fine as long as
it doesn't hit you right in the pupil,
'cause then the whole ball
will go up like the Death Star.
I gotta go find a bathroom.
Hold it, George.
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