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what street are you on?
Hey, I'm on First and First.
How can the same street
intersect with itself?
I must be at the
nexus of the universe.
Just wait there.
I'll pick you up.
And, Kramer--
stay alive!
No matter what occurs,
I will find you!
You Steinfeld?
My name is Maxwell.
I'm from "Maid To Order".
It's a pun.
I sent one of my girls
over to your place.
She says she had
a little problem with you.
You didn't pay.
You know, she didn't really do
what she was supposed to do.
Oh, yeah?
She told me what you like.
You're a little sickie, aren't you?
Disinfectant on the blinds,
vacuuming the couch--
Hey, come on. Come on.
I gotta live around here.
You know what I do to
people who stiff me on a job?
Well, it kinda depends
on the situation.
But if I don't get my money from you,
I'm gonna get it from her.
I don't want her in trouble.
You want the money? Here.
Hey! Wait, wait, wait! Whoa!
Give it to the girl.
I'm an independent contractor.
Tax purposes.
Bobby, you gotta stop
calling your Gammy.
Because sometimes you call
very early in the morning
when Gammy has been out late
the night before,
and sometimes
when Gammy's not alone.
Your parents still haven't said
anything to you about your Gammy?
All right, here we go.
Gammy doesn't feel so good.
I think Gammy might be dying.
Yep. Yep.
OK. Good-bye, Bobby.
Don't call anymore.
I'm dead now. Gotta go.
Nexus of the universe.
Cindy. Cindy.
What do you want?
Here. I got your money.
I don't want any money from you.
Come on. Take it.
It's money. Let me give it to ya.
Looking for a good time, sir?
You wanna step out of the car, sickie?
Well, this is all
very sophisticated.
All right, hang on, Gammy!
You're gonna make it!
Hey, you look a little lost.
You from around here?
Uh, no.
You know where you're going?
Not really.
My friend was supposed to pick me up,
but I don't know where he is.
Doesn't sound like much of a friend.
You got any money?
Uh, no.
You wanna make some?
Do you know how to use
a mop wringer?
Yeah, yeah.
Why don't you get in the car?
These are soft seats.
Hey, Koko, who's this?
This is our new
Vice-president of Acquisitions, sir.
So you're just
hiring new people now?
That's your job, to hire people?
OK, good enough for me, Koko.
Now, what's your name?
My name is Coco.
Coco Higgins.
We can't have 2 Cocos.
So I guess you're back to being George.
Well, it was a hell of a ride.
All right, the Grace building.
There's a big stain on the front.
How do we get it off?
When I was a little girl in Jamaica,
my Gammy taught me
to take a wet rag and in a circ--
Ah, excuse me, Vice-president Coco,
no one cares about your Gammy.
What did you say about my Gammy?
Forget Gammy.
Who's Gammy?
There's no Gammy.
Maybe there should be a Gammy.
Oh, no.
Gammy! Gammy! Gammy!
Gammy! Gammy! Gammy! Gammy!
Gammy's getting upset!Man, I'm starving.
How can you be hungry
after what you ate at that Mets game?
Because ballpark food
doesn't count as real food.
Right. It's just an activity.
It's like that paddle
with the ball and the rubber band.
You know, my friend Bob Saccamano
made a fortune off of those.
See, he came up with the idea
for the rubber band.
Before that, people would just hit the ball,
and it would fly away.
I can't believe you all
made me leave before the end of the game.
Oh, come on, Jerry.
It was 9 to nothing.
We were getting shellacked.
Those nachos are killing me.
I thought you were hungry.
It's complicated.
Jerry, you're going to miss the exit.
Keep your shirt on. I got it.
Watch out for that maroon Golf.
Oh, boy.
This guy is trying to box me out.
I'll tell you when you can go.
Wait, wait, wait, wait--
now, now, now.
No, no, no.
Go, go!
No, no.
now, now!
Jerry! Go--
Oh, calm down, maroon Golf.
He thinks I cut him off.
He accelerated.
You want me to moon him?
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