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Jerry, you wouldn't believe
what it's like down there.
Taxicab drivers are insane.
You know, everybody is in a hurry.
I can't eat with you leaning over like this.
Just look straight forward.
Well, now I can't see Jerry.
I look about the same.
I was talking to him.
Never mind.
Come on. What'd he say?
Never mind.
Jerry, come on. What'd you say?
Come on. Where'd you go?
Go back.
Come on. What did you say?
I said, never mind.
Yeah. I know that.
I hate the counter.
I hate the counter.
Who's that?
Well, I got a 212 number
from this little old lady
in my building, Mrs. Krantz.
Oh, she didn't mind?
No. She died.
Hey, that's great.
What happened to Mrs. Krantz?
Elaine got a new number
because she died.
Newman died?
What did he say?
Some new kind of pie.
I'll try a piece.
All right, who's down there?
Hey, there's a booth.
Hey, Elaine.
Oh, hi.
Did you hear about Newman?
So how's it going at work?
They get tired of it?
Oh, yeah.
Double zero?
It's "oo".
As in "oo oo ah ah."
Your nickname's Koko?
One of the girls down at the maid service
is named Coco.
Really? Coco?
Yeah. Coco.
That girl's all right.
You know, if I could get
this Coco woman down to Kruger,
they wouldn't be able
to call me Koko anymore
because Kruger would never allow 2 Kokos.
Sounds like he runs a real tight ship.
Say good-bye to Koko.
Good-bye, Koko.
Good-bye, Koko.
Jerry, this relationship is killing me.
The distance, the longing,
the distance, the--
You know, I didn't realize it,
but I'm a needy person.
Kramer, maybe
this relationship isn't for you.
Oh, yeah?
So what am I supposed to do,
be more like you?
All sealed up in here,
emotionally unavailable,
paying scrubwomen
for sexual favors?
No! Jerry, I won't be like you!
Never! I'll never be like you!
What was that?
I didn't hear anything.
All right, I'm taking off.
- OK.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Oh, right!
Hey, it was great seeing you again.
I love your outfit.
No. My money.
For what?
For my maid services.
You booked me for today.
But you didn't really do any work.
I made the bed.
But you took a nap in it.
I thought that was kind of
girlfriend bedmaking.
No. That was the maid.
Well, who took the nap?
The girlfriend.
$40 seems kind of steep
for a nap.
So, what are you saying?
That I'm a bad maid
or some kind of a prostitute?
Ho, ho... ho!
Hold on.
Let's keep this sophisticated.
You know, I don't think I want to be
your girlfriend or your maid.
So is this a breakup/quitting?
Yeah. Don't ever call me
or hire me again.
Oh, yeah?
Well, then we're through!
And you're fired!
Sign here.
Yes! 212.
Hey, what happened to the guy
I had last time?
Oh, you know, it's an odd thing.
He went out on a job, never came back.
Nobody knows what happened.
All right!
I am back in the game.
No. You got the wrong number, kid.
Gammy Krantz?
It's your grandson Bobby.
Why haven't you called?
Do you hate me
'cause of my lazy eye?
No. It's just that I've been
kind of buried over here.
So the kid doesn't know
his grandmother is dead? G-5?
Hit. No, I guess his parents
didn't want to tell him. B-2?
He called 6 times yesterday.
What a nightmare it must be
to have a real family.
I wouldn't worry about it.
Hit. Uhh...
you sank my submarine.
You have a collect call from--
Hey, buddy, don't say no!
I accept.
I went down to Madeline's.
I told her,
"You gotta move, or it's over."
Well, what happened?
I think it's over.
We had a big fight,
she threw me out,
I started walking,
and now I'm lost downtown!
I don't have any money.
I don't recognize anybody.
I miss home, and I don't even
know how to get there.
What's around you?
I'm looking at Ray's Pizza.
You know where that is?
Is it Famous Ray's?
No. It's Original Ray's.
Famous Original Ray's?
It's just Original, Jerry!
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