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Well, it better not.
Paid for the whole year.
So, should I pick those up later?
You can pick 'em up right now.
I wonder if anyone knows he's here.
If he just disappeared...
would anybody notice?
All right, miss Benes, all finished.
Here's your new number.
646? What is this?
That's your new area code.
I thought 646 was
just for new numbers.
This is a new number.
No, no, no, no.
It's not a new number.
It's-- just a changed number.
See? It's not different.
It's the same, just-- changed.
I work for the phone company.
I've had a lot of experience
with semantics,
so don't try to lure me
into some maze of circular logic.
You know, I could've killed you,
and no one would've known.
I could've killed you,
and no one would've known.
Kramer, you're still on the phone?
Madeline and I are watching Quincy together.
Jerry, you know this comes on
at the same time here as it does there?
Really? It's Tuesday here.
What day is it there?
Jerry's teasing.
Uh-oh! Commercial.
Oh, you going to the bathroom?
Yeah. I'll go, too.
Madeline stays here.
Hey, T-bone!
No. No T-bone.
No T-bone?
Hey, is that T-bone?!
No! There's no T-bone!
Well, why no T-bone?
Why no T-bone?
'Cause Neil Watkins from accounting
is T-bone!
I'm back.
Hey, you wanna play cards over the phone?
Oh, hey, uh, listen, Jerry, uh,
laundry's piling up there.
You might want to tell your girlfriend.
Your girlfriend is doing your laundry?
He's sleeping with his maid!
You're sleeping with the maid?
I've done that.
Did you ever eat an ostrich burger?
You're probably one of those women
who doesn't like to give out her number.
No, I'm not.
Here you go.
It's a new area code.
What area?
New Jersey?
No, no. It's right here in the city.
It's the same as 212.
They just multiplied it by 3,
and then they added one
to the middle number. It's the same.
Do I have to dial a one first?
I'm really kinda seeing somebody.
Yeah? Well, so am I!
Excuse me. Can I talk to you
for a second there, Watkins?
It's T-bone.
The thing is...
I'm supposed to be T-bone.
You're not a T-bone.
You're a perfect George.
Now, you listen to me!
Hey, look at George.
He's giving it to T-bone.
He's jumping up and down
like some kind of monkey.
Hey, what was the name of that monkey
that could read sign language?
All right, you can have T-bone.
Stop crying.
I'm not crying.
And I shouldn't have said that
about your wife.
Please accept my apologies.
OK, everybody, uh...
I have an announcement to make.
From now on, I will be known as--
Koko the monkey.
Koko! Koko! Koko!
Koko! Koko! Koko!
Thank you both for being here.
Um, excuse me.
I live in the building.
Did something happen to Mrs. Krantz?
She passed.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
A quick question--
Did she by any chance
have a 212 phone number?
I can't find my earring.
Oh, here it is.
Listen, can I borrow your suitcases?
Yeah. It's in your closet.
No, no, no. I looked.
They're behind my skis and my tennis racket.
Thanks, buddy.
Where you going?
Well, I'm getting out of town.
I'm gonna visit Madeline for the weekend.
You know, this place
is looking kinda messy.
What happened to Cindy?
Well, she's here.
She just didn't get around to it.
Hi, Kramer.
Thanks, Jerry.
Now, what's the matter?
What did I just pay for?
You're a john.
Well, it's probably
the most intelligent ape there is.
So, how's Cindy the maid?
Everything's going great
except, basically, I'm paying for sex.
Tell me about it.
I went out with this girl last week.
First I had to pay for dinner, then--
No, George.
She's coming over and not cleaning.
It's like I'm seeing a prostitute.
How much you pay this maid?
I'm paying 60 to my maid.
She doesn't do laundry
and I'm getting nothing.
Once she pinched my ass,
but I don't know what that was.
I don't know what this is.
Hey, hey, hey.
Look at that.
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