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You broke up with her?
So we could do the voice.
La-la-la. Whats the matter?
I think Im getting tired of it.
I mean is that all it does?
Hello? La-la-la?
No, it can do anything.
It can be Spanish.
Hola. Hello-o-o-o.
I think I like the girl better
than the voice.
I told you.
Alright, here you go,
choke on it
See, never bet against the backslide.
I knew you two would
get back together.
Yeah, well not for long.
Im breaking up with him.
No, I dont think so.
Ive seen you two together.
You make each other miserable.
Its kismet.
Double or nothing.
Youre in there again.
I think Play Now is putting
something in my food.
Alright, Im out of here.
What is this?
I dont know.
I found them in your closet.
Ever since Darren left I havent been
able to find anything.
He took all my clothes
to some cleaners.
Im clueless.
Is that clock right?
Yeah. Nine oclock.
I was supposed to pick up Newman
at the zoo twelve hours ago.
Good-bye Kramer.
Jerry, buddy, I got to
tell you something.
That voice is played.
So played.
I told you.
Darren? What are you doing here?
The college canceled the internship.
I dont care about the internship.
I care about Kramerica.
Kramerica is no more.
What about the oil tanker bladder system?
We were going to put an
end to maritime oil spills.
Probably. Darren, you go home.
Forget about Kramerica.
Well, youre still here?
I havent had time to leave.
Well, I havent changed my mind.
Well, you are a tenacious little monkey.
Alright, Ill do it. Kramerica industries lives!
Lets get back to work!
Lets see what Jerry
has to eat.
You win George. Weve had it.
If you leave right now, Play Now will give you
six months pay.
Thats half of your entire contract.
Please...just go.
You see if I stay the whole year,
I get it all.
Want to play hand ball huh? Fine.
Attention Play Now employees, George
Costanzas handicapped
bathroom is now open
on the sixteenth floor
to all employees and their families.
Well played.
Ill see you in hell Costanza.
Clare thanks for giving me
a second chance.
Our relationship is certainly worth more
than some silly, stupid voice.
Hold on one second. So
we definitely dont want
to do the voice anymore?
Alright, were back together again,
great. Bye bye.
Trouble down at the plant?
Its a tank of oil.
Darren and I are finally going
to test out my bladder system.
You have to drink
that whole thing?
No. No. No. Its for oil tankers.
All I need to do is fill some sort
of rubber container with oil
and then drop it to see whether
or not it can restrain the impact.
I understand
Would a giant rubber ball work?
Well, Play Now has all kinds
of different rubber balls.
Why dont we test your
bladder system at my office?
Youre not...
Oh, yes I am. Mr. Thomassoulo
likes to play dirty.
Well, theres nothing dirtier
than a giant ball of oil.
Hey, you want to split a root beer
I dont think so David, were through.
Oh...Thats a nice sweater
Whew that was a dozy.
Go again?
Book it.
David I know this hurts,
but its the way it has to be
Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha.
Im going to get some popcorn.
So, how did it end?
They got away.
Listen David, Ive got to run.
Can you lend me fifty bucks?
Did you bring the video camera?
Yeah, I put a six hour tape in.
That should cover the experiment,
the arrest,and most of your trial.
Alright, Ill see ya.
Oh, you might want
to stick around Jerry.
Mr. Thomassoulo picked the wrong man
to hire because he was fake handicapped.
I cant. I got to meet Clare.
You gave up the voice?
Yeah, I thought it was stupid.
Unless you guys are liking it again.
No. No
Sorry Mr. Seinfeld.
Uh, bathroom.
Hey, use mine. Ill let you in.
I thought it was open to the public.
I uh, took care of that.
Wow! Zanadu . No wonder youre putting
in so many
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