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street, right off Riverside Park.
Riverside Park.
I thought we were going--
Back to my place.
That's right.
So you slept with her?
She lives right off Riverside Park.
I was scared of the Lopper,
so I let her stay over.
And you automatically sleep with her?
Well, I just wanted to make out a little,
but she kind of...
... finished your thought.
Guess what I ate.
An ostrich burger.
No. A $29,000 piece of cake.
Peterman got it at the
Duke and Duchess of Windsor auction.
It's the most romantic thing
I've ever eaten.
How did it taste?
A little stale.
- Yeah.
So, uh--
are you sleeping with Peterman?
He doesn't know I ate it.
In fact, he almost caught me.
I have to sneak back in
and even it out.
You know, they say ostrich has less fat,
but you eat more of it.
Hey, so I talked to Lisi
and she has got a big surprise for you.
She's planning a weekend trip
to Pennsylvania Dutch country.
Pennsylvania Dutch country?
Oh, that's the
serious relationship weekend place.
What is going on with you two?
Well, I think by sleeping with her,
I may have sent her the wrong message.
What's that?
4:00 sugar fix.
Well, I'm calling this off right now.
No, no. You are way past
the phone call breakup stage.
Well, I'm not going over there.
That's where the Lopper is.
It's daylight.
It won't take you that long.
Just make a clean break.
Just a little off the side...
Well, no point in wasting $1,200.
Oh, commander,
isn't the wedding marvelous?
More cake? Oh, I shouldn't.
I mustn't.
Ah, what the hell.
Now, each of you is here
because you're the best at what you do.
Slippery Pete, Kramer tells me
you are one hell of a rogue electrician.
And Shlomo, you're the best truck driver.
I don't know If I'm the best.
Oh... you're very good.
Let's say "good."
Ok. Good.
And Kramer, you're in charge of
taping off the loading zone.
Lock and load.
You think you can handle that,
numb nuts?
All right, all right,
come on, now.
That was my mail-order bride.
Hey, you weren't home,
so I signed for her.
It doesn't give you the right
to make out with her.
You weren't even married yet.
All right, all right,
calm down, calm down.
Whatever happened in the past is past.
Now, this is the basic layout
for Mario's Pizza.
So what kind of a jail time
are we looking at if we're caught?
What do you mean?
We're stealing this thing,
No. I--I paid for it.
I thought we were stealing it.
It feels like we're stealing it.
We're not stealing it.
I definitely thought we're stealing it.
All right, let's--let's focus.
Can we get back to the plan?
Well, I need a battery
for this kind of a job.
Can I at least steal a battery?
Fine. Steal the battery.
Now, all right, here is the Frogger.
This is the front door,
and this is the outlet.
What's that?
The outlet?
That's where the electricity comes out.
Oh, you mean the holes.
Which one's the bathroom?
Uh, here.
They put the Frogger with the toilet? Yecchh.
The Frogger is here.
George, I thought that was the door.
Where are all the pizza ovens?
I thought the bathroom was here.
All right. You understand now?
It's not that complicated.
I need to replace
an antique piece of cake.
Do you have anything that's been--
you know, laying around for a while?
Something pre-war would be just great.
Oh, hey, Elaine.
What, you got the munchies?
Oh, Kramer,
I am in big, big, big trouble.
I need a cake that looks like this.
Oh, yeah--Sotheby's.
Yeah. They make good cake.
Do any of these look close?
No, but I know I've seen cake just like that.
Oh-- Entenmann's. Yeah.
From the supermarket?
Well, no.
They're not really in the supermarket.
Yeah, they got their own case
at the end of the aisle.
Hi, Lisi.
Hi, honey.
Is that a bat?
Uh, yeah. I found it on the street.
It's gotta be worth something.
So, what do you want to do, Sweetheart?
Well, before we do anything...
Maybe we should talk.
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