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I'm behind schedule as it is.
Whoa! Wait!
Well, this is the first day
of the rest of my life!
What are you doing here?
I can't sell the book.
It's been marked.
It certainly has.
So, I'm gonna steal another one,
and then I'm gonna return it.
That way, everything is even.
You defile one book, steal another,
ask for your money back--
and to you that's even?
I'm goin' in!
Did you want to speak to the manager?
Yes. My Uncle Leo was caught
shoplifting here the other day...
Yes, Uncle Leo.
I remember him.
I'm sorry, our policy is,
we prosecute all shoplifters.
Oh, come on.
He's just a lonely old man.
All old people steal.
That's right.
That's why we stopped carrying batteries.
Look, I'll be honest with you.
We've had a lot of trouble with theft lately.
And my boss said
I have to make an example to someone.
So it could be anyone?
I... guess. As long as
we catch him in the act.
That guy!
Swarm! Swarm!
No! Jerry!Happy birthday to you.
Elaine, cake?
Uh, no, thanks.
It's Walter's special day.
You know, there are 200 people
who work in this office.
Every day is somebody's special day.
Elaine! Where're you going?
It's Walter's last day.
We have to celebrate.
It's his birthday and it's his last day?
This is other-Walter, from returns.
Hey, what's going on here?
Oh guys.
Elaine, it's my last day.
Have a piece.
All right, pile it on.
For he's a jolly good fellow...
happy birthday to you...
What is so bad about
having a little piece of cake?
It is the forced socializing.
I mean, just because we work in the same office,
why do we have to act like we're friends?
Why aren't you there now?
I had to take a sick day,
I'm so sick of these people.
By the way, I talked to Lisi,
and tomorrow night's good for her.
You know, I shouldn't go out
with a friend of yours.
I foresee messiness.
Yeah, you're better off sitting around here,
reading comic books,
and eating spaghetti at two in the morning..
Speaking of tomato sauce-- you want to
come with me and George to Mario's Pizza?
Your old high school hangout? Why?
They're closing.
We're going for one last slice.
Hey. All right. Hi.
Check it out, official police caution tape.
Step back, son,
there's nothing to see here.
Where did you get this?
Well, I got it from my cop buddy Doug.
You sure have a lot of friends.
How come I never see any of these people?
They want to know why they never see you.
I'm gonna eat that later.
So they just gave you this?
Oh no, no, no.
I had to fish around
in the evidence room for it.
You know, they're all preoccupied,
trying to hunt down
this new psycho-serial killer, the Lopper.
All right, I'll see ya.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Who is the Lopper?
Oh, it's no big deal.
It's just some guy who's been
running around Riverside park.
You know, cutting people's heads off.
How come I haven't read about this?
The police, they've been having some
internal dissension about the name.
Really? What're the other titles?
Uh, Headso...
uh...The Denogginizer...
Son of dad.
Son of dad?
Yeah. That was my suggestion.
It's sort of a catchall.
Mario's Pizza.
Just as she was.
Hey, Mario!
Remember us?
We used to come in every day.
So where ya been?
We're tanking here.
We'll have 2 slices and 2 grape sodas.
Oh, thanks.
That'll save us.
All right, make it the large sodas.
Hey, Jerry, remember Frogger?
I used to be so into this game.
Gettin' that frog across the street
was my entire life.
Yeah. And then you went on to...
Well, it's a good game.
Watch the truck!
Double jump!
Eat the fly! Eat it!
Thanks a lot.
Ah, beat it, punk.
Hey, look at the high score!
"G.L.C." George Louis Costanza.
That's not you, is it?
Yes! 860,000.
I can't believe it's still standing.
No one has beaten me in like 10 years.
I remember that night.
Oh, I was unstoppable.
Perfect combination of
Mountain Dew and mozzarella.
Just the right
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