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Why? Why? Why?
We don't like you, George.
And we always blamed you
for what happened to Susan.
All right!
Let's head back.Alright, be careful with the car, babe.
Yeah, yeah.
And don't move the seat,
I got it right where I like it.
Two and ten, babe.
Don't peel out.
I won't.
Jesus is one, Jesus is all,
Jesus picks me up when I fall.
And he said unto Abraham...
Amen! Amen!
So we pray...
According to our latest quarterly...
Kruger Industrial Smoothing is
heading into the red.
Or the black,
or whatever the bad one is.
Any thoughts?
Well, I know when I'm a little strapped,
I sometimes drop off my rent check
having "forgotten" to sign it.
That could buy us some time.
Works for me. Good thinking, George.
Alright, George.
- Way to go man.
Or we don't even send the check,
and then when they call, we pretend we're the cleaning service.
"Hello? I sorry, no here Kruger."
Are you done?
Silly voices.
Come on, people, let's get real.
Good one.
That was bad.
I had 'em, Jerry. They loved me.
And then?
I lost them.
I can usually come up with one good comment
during a meeting,
but by the end it's buried under
a pile of gaffes and bad puns.
Showmanship, George.
When you hit that high note,
you say goodnight and walk off.
I can't just leave.
That's the way they do it in Vegas.
You never played Vegas.
I hear things.
Here's one.
I borrowed Puddy's car,
and all the presets on his radio
were Christian rock stations.
I like Christian rock.
It's very positive.
It's not like those real musicians
who think they're so cool and hip.
So, you think that Puddy
actually believes in something?
It's a used car, he probably
never changed the presets.
Yes, he is lazy.
Plus he probably doesn't even know
how to program the buttons.
Yes, he is dumb.
So you prefer dumb and lazy to religious?
Dumb and lazy, I understand.
Tell you how you could check.
Reprogram all the buttons,
see if he changes them back.
You know? The old switcheroo.
No, no, the old switcheroo is:
You poison your drink,
and then you switch it with the other person's.
No, it's doing the same thing
to someone that they did to you.
Yeah, Elaine's gonna do the same thing
to Puddy's radio that the radio did to her.
Well that's the gist of it!
So where is this Sophie?
Oh, she's picking me up in a few minutes.
How long have you two been together?
I dunno. Since the last one.
Oh, here she is. You wanna meet her?
By the way, how did Puddy
get back in the picture?
I needed to move a bureau.
Hey Jerry, you got any pepper?
Hey Jerry.
Hey Mickey. Check the pepper shaker.
See? It should sound like that,
something like that.
A little wetter.
See, I didn't believe it.
What's with the fake sneezing?
Yeah, we're going down to
Mt. Sinai Hospital.
See, they hire actors
to help the students practice diagnosing.
They assign you a specific disease,
and you act out the symptoms.
It's an easy gig.
Do medical schools actually do this?
Well the better ones.
Alright, let's practice retching.
I think the phone is ringing.
Would you hold it a second?!
Thank you, will you get out of here
with that stuff?
Mickey, DTs.
Hey. It's me.
No, it's me.
Jerry, it's Sophie.
I can't believe
you don't recognize my voice.
Oh, I knew it was you, I was joking.
I'm a comedian.
You got any Ipecac?
Kramer, I really think you guys
are going too far with this.
No, Mickey, he swallowed twelve aspirin.
Did he overdose?
No, it's just too much.
... And it gets worse.
The team working on the statue in
Lafayette Square kind of over-smoothed it.
They ground the head down to
about the size of a softball.
And that spells trouble.
Alright, well, why don't we
smooth the head down to nothing,
stick a pumpkin under its arm
and change the nameplate to
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