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I should call him. I need those gloves.
No, I better not. Ill call.
Oh, look at that! There are the gloves.
I was just about to call.
There they are. Thats funny.
Thats really funny.
Thats really really funny.
You know who loves
funny stories, David Puddy.
Well, Play Now is through playing.
They turned the heat
way up in my office.
They tried to sweat me out.
Do you have to write
all this stuff down.
Well, Mr. Kramer is in a meeting with
Mr. Lohmase and he didnt
want to miss anything.
So, how hot did it get?
I dont know, 120, 130...
Then they sent some guys
to sandblast for 6 hours.
Tomorrow they are putting
in asbestos.
I guess you can take anything,
but actual work.
Bring it on!
Hello-o-o-o Kramer!
Sorry I couldnt get out of there,
what did I miss?
Well, after ordering, Mr. Seinfeld
and Mr. Costanza
debated on whether or not iron
man wore some sort under garment
between his skin and his iron suit...
Uh huh...
And I still say hes
naked under there!
Oh that makes a lot of sense.
Oh, shut up!
...Then Mr. Seinfeld went
to the restroom,
at which point Mr. Costanza scooped ice
out of Mr. Seinfelds
drink with his bare hands
using it to wash up  then Mr. Costanza
remarked to me, "This never happened."
Whats so funny?
Oh, nothing.
What are you laughing about?
Tell me.
Oh all right, this is really dumb,
really stupid.
Weve been doing this silly,
dumb voice.
So is it fun humiliating me?
No, its not you.
Its your stomach, hes taking with
this funny, booming, jovial voice.
So you think Im fat?
No its...
Mr. Kramer says, "hey buddy!"
Hey, were kind of in the middle
of something here.
Would you mind coming
back later?
Oh yeah sure, sure. Should we set
something up now?
Im leaving too.
No body said youre fat. Hes a loving
character, like the Kool-ade guy.
He is fat!
No, hes just a little bloated.
Its mostly water weight.
Boysenberry, the kid is still learning.
Mr. Kramer...Dean, my internship
is on line two,
she wants to set up a meeting.
Yeah, well nothing before noon.
Line two?
Yeah, your phone is line one.
So the gloves were right by
the phone. That is pretty funny.
See, this is what Jerrys
doesnt understand.
We can see each other.
We can see each other every day,
but it doesnt mean we
are back together.
I mean I love just seeing you
and having sex
Not having to do all that...
you know...work.
Well, either way...
All that calling you,
and buying you stuff...
Caring about how everyone at work
isnt as smart as you. Its brutal.
Alright thats it!
Were back together!
Oh, no.
Oh, yeah.
Look Elaine, be reasonable.
Get those clothes off.
Youre going to spend the night
and were going to cuddle.
You heard me. Strip!
Hello Margery, George Costanza.
How are you sweet heart?
Listen, can you give Mr. Thomassoulo
a message for me? ...
Yes. If he needs me, tell him
Dean Jones, you wanting
to talk to me?
Ive been reviewing Darrens
internship journal. Doing laundry...
...Mending chicken wire, hi-tea
with a Mr. Newman.
I know it sounds pretty glamorous,
but its business as usual
at Kramerica.
As far as I can tell your entire enterprise
is more than a solitary man
with a messy apartment which
may or may not contain a chicken.
And with Darrens help,
well get that chicken.
Im sorry, but we cant allow
Darren to continue working with you.
Well, I have to say this seems
capricious and arbitrary.
You fly is open.
So youre sure youre not still
angry about last night?
No, Im fine.
Just as long as you dont ever
do that voice again.
What about if youre not around?
So I have to choose between
seeing you and doing the voice?
Thats right.
I can do that.
So whats your decision?
I dont know.
Hello-o-o-o. La-la
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