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the Boca Breeze.
Pinko Commie rag.
Hey, Morty.
Your boy here, he just got a date
with that young aquacise instructor.
She's fifty.
You know what he's got?
He's got charisma.
That's my man.
All right,
I'll see you guys.
Morty, what're you looking at?
I'll tell you what I'm looking at:
the next condo president
of Del Boca Vista, Phase Three.
Elaine, thank you for the Wizard!
Wow, it's got so many functions.
Yeah, yeah.
Forget about all that.
First thing is first.
Warranty information.
Name, we know that.
Uh, hobbies.
Skiing, racquetball...
Well, I don't do that stuff.
It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter,
it doesn't matter.
Oh, here's one: race.
Isn't that optional?
It certainly should be.
It's nobody's damn business!
But they really would like to know.
All right, then...
Just to mess with 'em.
Oh. Right.
Good one.
Average income, uh...
over a hundred thousand.
Does that matter?
No, but...
it is very nice to know.
So did you figure out Darryl's...
you know.
Ah, I've given up.
So, now we're going to
a bunch of Spanish restaurants.
I figure that'll cover us either way.
You're a master of race relations.
Hey, so Kramer's running for
president of the condo?
Yeah, it's all my father's doing.
He wants to install Kramer in a puppet regime
and then wield power from behind the scenes.
Preferably from the sauna in the clubhouse.
Who are they running against?
Common sense
and a guy in a wheelchair.
He's still
down with his folks.
What are you doing here?
Elaine, Elaine--
I'm getting his mail.
Oh, no.
He asked you to get the mail?
Jerry, why is Elaine
getting your mail?
George, listen to me.
I have a very important job for you.
I want you to come by twice a day
and flush the toilet,
so the gaskets don't dry out and leak.
What about the mail?
This is far more important.
You must exercise the gaskets, George.
All right, Jerry.
I'll do it.
See you.
So, I ran into the Rosses again.
Oh, right, at the coffee shop.
Where did they get the idea that
you have a place in the Hamptons?
From me.
What did you say?
I told them
I have a place in the Hamptons.
What did you say?
I told them you didn't.
And I laughed and I laughed.
So, they knew?
Those liars!
But you lied first.
Yeah, but they let me go on and on
all about the Hamptons!
They never said a thing!
You don't let somebody lie
when they know you're lying.
You call them a liar!
Like you're a liar!
Yes. Thank you!
Is that so hard?
So, this is over, not over?
I'm betting, not over.
Not by a long shot.
I'm calling up the Rosses and inviting them
up to my non-existent place in the Hamptons.
Then we'll see who blinks first.
Haven't you done enough
to these people?
This is not about them.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have to exercise Jerry's gaskets.
Vote for Kramer.
Cosmo Kramer.
I'm running for condo president.
I'd like your vote.
Remember, ma'am,
a vote for me is a vote for Kramer.
Can you cut my meat?
Are you black?
Or should I bring some cream.
I'm black.
Oh, you know what?
Bring a little cream.
Look at that.
Did you hear that?
God, there are still people
who have trouble with an interracial couple.
Isn't that unbelievable?
Yes, it's awful!
They're upset because
we're an interracial couple.
That is racism!
I don't feel like eating.
Me neither.
Well, maybe this turkey club.
So... here I am.
Ready to take you to the Hamptons.
Sounds grand.
Do you have your bathing suits?
It's March.
Speak now, or we are
headed to the Hamptons.
It's a two-hour drive.
Once you get in that car,
we are going all the way...
to the Hamptons.
All right, you wanna get nuts?
Come on.
Let's get nuts!
Hey, Dad.
You know you can program this thing
to beep every time you need to take a vitamin.
Dad, you look so different.
Oh, no.
We're campaigning, Jerry.
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