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I've set out to do.
What's that?
Bought myself a little retirement gift. Gold watch.
Well, it's not really gold.
- Hey.
Great music.
Oh, it's my neighbor.
They blast that stuff 24 hours a day.
I hate it.
Yo, you!
Turn it down!
Oh, wow, these are nice.
Do they have any cultural significance?
They're... African.
Well, not Africa, actually.
South Africa.
South Africa.
My family used to live there,
but, we got out years ago,
for obvious reasons.
You know how it is.
You must hate hot dogs, huh?
Or else, you really like them
and that's why you do this.
I'll tell you,
if I had one of these things,
I'd be eating hot dogs all the time.
Are you gonna buy a hot dog or not?
Mmm... no.
Rise and shine, sleepyhead!
It's 5:30 in the morning!
We let you sleep in.
Well, as long as I'm up.
Dad, I got you a birthday present.
Happy Birthday.
Aw, Jerry.
I should be buying you presents.
What does that mean?
Leave your father alone.
It's his birthday.
It's a radar detector.
Radar detector? I've never seen you
go over twenty miles an hour.
You're like the Grand Marshall
of the Rose Bowl Parade.
It's a Wizard organizer.
This looks like too much money.
Nah, I got it from a guy on the street.
It was, like, fifty bucks.
You think it's hot?
Could be.
Helen, Jerry got me a hot Wizard computer!
I'm right here.
And you can do everything with it.
You can get email, fax,
there's a calculator.
So, I can use it in the restaurant
to figure out the tip?
Yeah, I guess.
But the really cool thing
is the daily planner.
Helen, we got into restaurants
and figure out the tips.
you're getting your father too excited.
Hey, buddy.
When'd you get here?
Kramer, what are you doing here?
I told you I was retiring.
I moved in next door.
Mr. Kornstein died,
and it's a beautiful apartment.
Yeah, your folks said it was for rent,
so I jumped on it.
Kramer, you can't live down here.
This is where people come to die.
Not you.
Older people.
Don't eat cookies for breakfast!
I'll fix you something.
How 'bout a feta cheese omelette?
Mmmm, that sounds great, Mom.
If you feed him,
he'll never leave.
We don't have any feta.
How about cottage cheese and Egg Beaters?
I guess.
I don't believe this.
I know, I know.
Don't I look more relaxed?
So George, do you have any thoughts
on this Darryl situation?
Actually, I did have a thought.
Why don't you just ask him?
Because if I ask him,
then it's like I really want to know.
Maybe he's, um...
... mixed.
Is that the right word?
I really don't think we're supposed
to be talking about this.
I'm just gonna go to the bathroom.
You know what, I'm leaving.
- Yeah.
I'll just talk to Jerry
when he gets back.
Mrs. Ross, Mr. Ross.
Oh, you're George's friend.
We saw him in the city this weekend.
What happened to his
place in the Hamptons?
The Hamptons?
George Costanza?
I don't think so.
Have a good one.
George, we were just talking about you.
Well, sorry I missed that, uh,
charity thing.
But this was one of those truly glorious
Hampton weekends that you always hear about.
Yeah, I may move out there.
I mean it,
I'll do it!
OK, I'll see you later.
Keep it real!
Another fine meal,
and now for my Wizard tip calculator.
Dad, it's got lots of other functions.
Don't worry.
I'll get to the other functions.
I can't get it open.
Yay! Jerry got it open.
The service was slow.
And God forbid they should refill the water.
How does 12.4% sound?
Well, your tip is 4 dollars
and 36.6666 cents.
We'll round down.
Jerry, it was so nice of you
to come down here on your father's birthday.
You've helped take his mind
off the condo election.
Oh, right.
You can't run for condo president because
you were impeached at the other condo.
I was never impeached!
I resigned!
Even so,
the press would bury him!
What press?
The condo
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