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are you?
I guess I'm Lois Loan.
Kramer, I can't believe we're grave robbers.
"Man's best friend."
Jerry, I want something like that
on my tombstone.
Oh, my God.
Here he is.
I don't want to dig him up.
All right, then you're the one
getting the key out of him.
I'll dig.
Listen, I heard that
Lassie #3 is buried around here.
I'm gonna go check it out.
Well, that was easy.
All right, honey.
One last look,
then you have to let Fredo rest in peace.
Hey, Kramer!
I dug Fredo up, now let's cut him open!
Oh, my God!
Hey, neighbor.
All right.
I'm gonna try giving them $55 each.
What do you think?
Give me forty, you'll never see me again.
So, what are you gonna do?
Are you gonna live here,
or are you gonna move out, or what?
Ah, I'll just take the fire escape
to get in and out of the building.
So, what's in the cooler?
Well, would you look at that.
Guess I forgot to lock it.
You mean it was open?
We desecrated a pet cemetery for nothing?
Well, this is one for the books, huh, Jerry?
Really one for the books.When are they gonna learn that
any news about China is an instant page-turner?
What's that?
It's a Wizard electronic organizer for my dad.
I'm going to Florida for his birthday.
How much was it?
Two hundred.
But I'll tell him it's fifty.
He doesn't care about the gift.
He gets excited about the deal.
Where are you getting a Wizard for fifty dollars?
Ah, I'll tell him I got it
on the street, and maybe it's hot.
That's his favorite.
I got a message from the Rosses
at work today.
Susan's parents?
When's the last time you talked to them?
At the funeral,
give or take.
Deep down, I always kinda felt
that they blamed me for Susan's death.
Why, because you picked out
the poisoned envelopes?
That's silly.
Oh, um... Darryl.
These are... people I know.
Jerry, George.
Nice meeting you.
Ah, I gotta run, Elaine.
I'll see you later.
Still no Puddy?
I think his answering machine's broken,
so I just gave up.
What do you think?
What? About you dating a black guy?
What's the big deal?
What black guy?
He's black, isn't he?
He is?
No, he isn't.
Isn't he, Elaine?
You think?
I thought he looked Irish.
What's his last name?
That's not Irish.
I think he's black.
Should we be talking about this?
I think it's OK.
No, it isn't.
Why not?
Well, it would be OK
if Darryl was here.
If he's black.
Is he black?
Does it matter?
No, course not.
I mean, I'd just like to know.
Oh, so you need to know?
No, I don't need to know.
I just think it would be nice if I knew.
Should I take that?
Uh, one second.
- Oh, here.
Uh, yeah. Hang on.
Uh, Mrs. Ross?
It's-it's George.
George Costanza.
Susan's, uh, friend?
Long time no speak.
We're all out of lime juice.
I told that woman to buy more.
George, the Susan Ross Foundation
is having an event this weekend.
Oh, I just, uh, leased a house out in the Hamptons,
and I have got to get out there
this weekend and sign the papers.
I'm going back to bed.
Thank you for calling, George.
Oh, sure.
I mean, after all,
you were almost my, uh...
OK, I gotta go.
House in the Hamptons?
Well, you know, I've been lying
about my income for a few years.
I figured I could afford
a fake house in the Hamptons.
- Hey.
Well, grab a cigar, boys.
Yeah, it's time to celebrate.
Wow. What are we celebrating?
Uh, you remember my coffee table book?
With the little legs?
That's the one.
A big Hollywood so-and-so
optioned it for a movie.
How are they gonna make
that book into a movie?
You remember that photo book
on toy ray guns?
Independence Day?
How much are they paying you?
Let's just say that I don't have to
worry about working for a while.
A long while.
That's funny because
I haven't seen you working for a while.
A long while.
And you're not going to,
because I'm hanging it up.
Boys, I'm retiring.
From what?
From the grind.
I mean, who needs it?
I've accomplished everything
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