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bought it.
I'm sorry. I-I don't know you.
There's been some robberies in the building.
I-I can't let you in.
But, I live here.
I ran out to buy some birdseed,
and I forgot my key.
Sounds like a scam.
Very sorry.
So, I broke up with Maura.
It's done. I'm out.
Great, you're lonely and miserable again.
Feels right.
Is that guy still there?
He's starin' at us.
Don't look at him.
We don't hear that.
Want a bite?
No, I don't.
I think that ginger ale at the coffee shop
is just Coke and Sprite mixed together. 
How can I prove it? 
Can't. Damn it.
Hey, honey.
Maura, what are you doing here?
I ended this relationship, twice.
George, you didn't mean that.
That was just a fight.
Why does it always seem like
I'm the only one working at this breakup?
George, I listened to your arguments,
and they were rambling and flimsy.
I'm not convinced.
Come on, get dressed and let's get some dinner.
All right.
Eww, Mr. Apple!
You have a brown spot!
So, this is your little... love nest?
It's nothing special,
just a little place I keep.
Shall I light a fire?
Oh, that sounds romantic.
I'm having a little problem with the heat.
I got some cardboard out here.
This is wrong. I should go.
Can you get that, please?
Oh, sure.
Where's Glenn?
You're the woman from the street,
and I am so sorry.
You know, I'm not really a home-wrecker.
I-I thought he was a superhero.
I swear.
Lady, I'm not his wife,
I'm his welfare caseworker. Is he home?
This is his home?
So, he's...
I think this will burn!
So you do live here.
You live on this floor?
So you live right... there.
So I guess I'll see--
He wouldn't give me his number
because he doesn't have a phone.
He's not married.
He's poor.
Is he wretchedly poor?
Does he wear one of those barrels,
with the straps?
He probably busted it up
and burned it for heat.
So, when are you giving Boxcar Willie
his walking papers?
How can I end it over money?
I feel bad.
Well, let's think.
Have you ever dealt with the poor
in any other situation?
There was this homeless guy
who used to urinate on our garbage cans.
Good. How did you handle that?
Well, we gave him a few bucks, and...
Now he goes in the alley across the street.
Same situation.
Pay him off, and you're clean.
Well, I am not paying Glenn off
to get out of this relationship.
What am I supposed to do?
Just walk into his hovel, and hand him...
Well, how much do you think it would be?
Hey, where have you been?
Seeing Maura.
Apparently, I was unable to break up
beyond a reasonable doubt.
If only he could have been
cheating on his wife, you know.
Things would have been so much simpler.
Who's this, Blue Arrow?
Green Lantern.
We found out
his super power was lack of money.
All right.
He's invulnerable to creditors.
We get it.
He's the 'Got-no-Green' Lantern.
Thank you.
Hey, Elaine.
Maybe his girlfriend is Lois Loan.
Well crafted.
Hey, maybe this cheating thing
is what I could use to ditch Maura.
Sure, just tell Maura you're having an affair.
She's like a District Attorney.
If it's not the truth, I'll break under the cross.
I actually have to do it.
Could you move over there?
Hey, you know, there's this secretary at work
that always had a crush on me.
How come you never pursued her before?
She's too tan.
It's the middle of the winter,
she's like a carrot.
Did I leave my glasses here?
He can wipe out his checking account
in a single bound!
Keep 'em!
There's a giant parrot in the hallway.
It's Phil's.
Our neighbor that you turned against.
Anyway, I told him it'd be fine with us if he wanted to
let it stretch its wings out in the hallway.
What'd ya tell him that for?
Because since you've been
playing God with the front door,
I've been tryin' to smooth things out, Jerry.
In fact, I was just hanging out at his place.
Really? What's it like?
Is it
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