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to heavy.
So, um, why don't we get together some time?
Oh, sure. Why don't you give me your number?
I think it'd be better if I called you.
Oh. OK.
Maybe we could grab some lunch sometime.
Do-do you work around here?
No, not really.
So, is there anything
you can tell me about yourself?
I think you're very beautiful.
Oh? That'll do.
What about Puddy?
I haven't talked to him in
like three weeks.
I think it might be over.
So, what's this guy about?
I don't know.
He wouldn't tell me his phone number
where he worked.
I'll bet he's in a relationship.
Or he's a crime fighter
safeguarding his secret identity.
Elaine, you could be dating
the Green Lantern!
Which one is he?
Green suit, power ring.
I don't care for jewely on men.
Hey. It happened again.
Another robbery in the building.
So you bought a cooler?
No, it's a strongbox
to protect my irreplacables.
And... what would those be?
Some taxidermy
that's been in my family for generations.
My Tony,
my... military discharge.
You were in the Army?
Now, I gotta find a good place to hide this key.
Because if somebody finds this,
they hold the key to all my possessions.
What's that supposed to mean?
You mind if I hide this somewhere?
No, go ahead.
A little... privacy, huh?
Oh, come on!
Come on, Jerry, this is a security issue.
Boy, you wouldn't last a day in the Army.
How long did you last?
Well, that's classified.
Hey, what if he's married?
No, the Green Lantern.
So, you would date a married guy?
That's so hacky.
Well, I don't know. I may never marry.
This might be the closest I get.
You peeked!
This is your hiding place?!
It was under a spoon!
And so, for all these reasons,
we are officially broken up.
Thank you--
and good night.
No, George, we're not.
But I proved it!
I refuse to give up on this relationship.
It's like launching missiles from a submarine.
Both of use have to turn our keys.
Well, then, I am gonna have to
ask you to turn your key.
I'm sorry, George,
I can't do that.
Turn your key, Maura.
Turn your key!
So, how is a guy like you not involved?
I might ask you the same thing.
That's true, maybe he's not married.
Oh, that is so sweet.
How long do I have to hold this?
Oh, no.
Who is it?
Uh, no one, no one.
Here, uh, let me show you a short cut. Come on.
Married. That's it, I'm chucking the flower.
Jerry! Jerry!
Elaine, what are you doin' down there?
You didn't hear me buzzing?
Oh, I guess it's broken.
Throw down your key.
It's liable to bounce and go into a sewer.
I'll catch it!
You'll chicken out at the last second.
Yeah, you're right.
Well, will you at least keep me company
until somebody comes out?
All right.
Hey, you know what's weird?
I used to be able to have a huge meal,
go right to sleep.
But I can't anymore.
Nodding off!
Well, I was right.
He's an adulterer.
And he's cheating on his wife with me.
We haven't done anything yet.
I'm hungry. Can you throw something down?
All right. Here!
I'm gonna try and fix the buzzer.
It went in the sewer!
- What are you doin'?
You jammed your key in here? You shorted out my intercom!
You just had to go lookin' for it,
didn't you?
See, you hate it that I have a little secret.
Anything I do--
you gotta know all about it!
You're so obsessed with me.
I'm gonna go let Elaine in.
What are you doing with her?
Security issue!
Oh, hey. You got in.
Yeah, flirted with the menu guy.
Oh, thanks.
That wasn't me!
So, he's definitely married, huh?
Boy, I would've loved to have been there
when you told him off.
Oh, come on!
Well, he could be a superhero!
You should've seen him run.
All right, Jerry.
Let's see if you can get it in your head
that this is not an Easter egg hunt
for your childish amusement.
George, the buzzer's broken!
I'll come down!
I believe this belongs to you.
Where did you get that?
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