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I do, too.
You see,
that's what we're about.
You don't remind me of anyone
and we love gum.
I have gum in my hair.
I'm losin' it.
Hey! You're Jerry's friend!
You're Kooky!
Mind if I sit?
My show is going really well.
Have you seen it yet?
You should.
Everybody else in town has.
Oh, you know what?
I got recognized the other day!
How weird is that?
I know.
At first I liked the attention,
but after a while it's like,
"Whoa! Take three steps back.
Get a life, okay?"
But there wouldn't be a Sally Weaver
without the fans, you know what I mean?
But who am I anyway?
I mean there's Sally Weaver the woman,
Sally Weaver the artist,
Sally Weaver the person...
No, you gotta shut up!
I'm sorry, I--I haven't spoken in days.
Well, lay it on me, string bean.
Let me get this gum out of my hair,
and then I'll be ready for bed.
OK, look,
the gum isn't cutting it for me.
We need to be about something else.
Anything. Please.
Your hair?
Well I had to cut the gum out,
and I had a little trouble getting it even.
So why don't you get undressed, George?
George is in big trouble!
You ripped off a Ziggy?
It must've seeped into my subconscious.
Puddy has Ziggy bed sheets.
D'you read the comics today?
I see Ziggy's back at the complaint department.
"The New Yorker's stealing my ideas."
See that's funny.
'Cause it's real.
Hey, look it! Sally's cable show's on!
Hey, Kramer! Come on in.
You've got to watch this.
This will be funny. Now she's got nothing.
Master of Evil Jerry Seinfeld
broke off all contact with me.
That's right, sister.
Why don't you just give up?
Why are you yelling at the TV?
OK, get this.
I heard he makes his best friend
date women who look just like him.
Hello, issues!
Elaine, have you been talking to her?
Hey, I'm just a fan.
Oh, and speaking of issues.
Guess who got a no-polish manicure
and begged his neighbor
not to tell anyone?
I thought you stopped talking?
All right.
Starting-- now.
You broke up with her just because
she cut her hair? How short?
Like that.
You mean like...
... that.
So she...
And you don't...
We... must never ever speak of this again.
No. No.
Hey, you want to go see a movie?
Actually, I think
I'm gonna take a few days off.
I think that's for the best.Maura, I want you to know--
I-I've given this a lot of thought.
I'm sorry, but we--
We have to break up.
What's that?
We're not breaking up.
We're not?
All right.
She said no?
She said no.
What did you do?
What could I do?
We fooled around and went to a movie.
George, both parties don't have to consent
to a breakup.
It's not like you're launching missiles from a submarine
and you both have to turn your keys.
Obviously, you didn't make a convincing case.
Let me hear your arguments.
Well, I don't really like her.
That's good.
I don't find her attractive.
I'd like to sleep with a lot of other women.
Always popular.
Sometimes at restaurants she talks to her food.
"Oh, Mr. Mashed Potatoes, you are so good."
You have an airtight case.
And in bed--
I'm afraid we're out of time.
- What?
Check these out.
These are Jerry Lewis' old cufflinks
that he actually wore in the movie "Cinderfella".
I got 'em at an auction.
I got some cufflinks I could've loaned you.
No, Jerry Lewis is gonna be at this
Friar's Club roast I'm goin' to next week.
Now I have an in
to strike up a conversation with him.
You already have an in.
You have the same first name.
Oh, that'll intrigue him.
Well, it worked when I met
George Peppard last week.
George Peppard has been dead for years.
Well, whoever he was,
he knew a lot about The A-Team.
So you would choose your last meal
based on the method of execution?
Right, right.
I mean, if I was getting the chair,
I'd go for something hot and spicy.
You know, Thai, maybe Mexican.
Lethal injection -
feels like pasta.
You know, painless,
don't want anything
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