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re never gonna be able
to completely stop talking.
Jerry, 94% of communication is non-verbal.
Here, watch.
What does this mean?
Well, it's Frank and Estelle's reaction
of hearing about
George's man-love towards she-Jerry.
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
That's the idea.
Kramer, there's no way you stick to this.
Oh! you're gonna start now?
That's right.
Right-- now.
So J. Peterman wants to
hire some of our cartoonists
to illustrate your catalog?
Well, we're hoping that
if perhaps the catalog is a little funnier,
people won't be so quick
to return the clothes.
For example, I--I really do...
well, I love this one.
Oh, yeah.
That's a rather clever jab
at inter-office politics, don't you think?
Uh-huh... Yeah...
But why is it that
the animals enjoy reading the email?
Well, Miss Benes,
cartoons are like gossamer
and one doesn't dissect gossamer.
Well, you don't have to dissect it,
if you can just tell me
why this is supposed to be funny.
Oh, it's merely a commentary
on contemporary mores.
But, what is the comment?
It's a slice of life.
No, it isn't.
A pun?
I don't think so.
That's not a word.
You have no idea what this means,
do you?
Then why did you print it?
I liked the kitty.
You know what?
You people
should be ashamed of yourself.
You know, you doodle
a couple of bears at a cocktail party
talking about the stock market,
you think you're doing comedy.
Actually, that's not bad.
Well, you know--
I have others.
Sally, I can't believe
you're already doing a one-woman show.
No, it's just
a little performance piece I wrote.
You know what? You really inspired me, okay?
A tear?
Ah! There you are.
Oh, right, code of silence.
How's that going?
Thank you.
Hi, everybody.
I think you're really going to like this,
'cos it's about me.
All right, it's not just about me.
It's about me and this guy,
Jerry Seinfeld,
who I like to call The Devil.
Okay, so...
I run into this Jerry on the street,
and he says to me, "Hey Sally,
you stink, you should give up acting."
I'm doing Jerry now, okay?
So you have to imagine I have
horns, a tail and hooks instead of feet.
to Kramer Oh, shut up!
She does a full hour
about how you're the devil?
I got to go see this thing.
Good luck.
It's sold out for the next three weeks.
Well, I bet I can get in
once I mention I'm from--
the New Yorker.
The New Yorker?
Yes, The New Yorker.
I met with their cartoon editor,
and I got him to admit that that cartoon
made no sense!
Wow! Good work, Nancy Drew!
Then we ended up going out to lunch,
and he had some great gossip
about James Thurber.
Nodding off...
And he said I could submit
some of my own cartoons.
Wow! That's incredible!
But you don't draw.
I do too.
What, your sad little horsies?
The house with the little curl of smoke?
The sunflower with the smiley face?
The transparent cube...  as she leaves
It's better than
your drawings of naked Lois Lane.
Where did you see that?
Those are private!
Jerry, sorry I'm late.
Channel Nine is doing
a piece on my show.
Isn't that great?
Do you hate me?
No, no, I tought
the show was terrific.
I was just wondering if you have to keep saying
"Jerry Seinfeld is the devil."
Well, that is the title.
I know, but I thought maybe
you could mention how I apologized,
then encouraged you to stick with it.
You know I workshopped that and, uh--
But I'll tell you what,
I'll tinker.
It's all a journey.
You got a little shmootz there.
Excuse me.
Miss Weaver?
Oh, my God, it is you!
I--I've seen your show six times!
What a surprise.
You're great.
It's great.
It's so great to see a show
that's about something.
Where to?
My friends are idiots. She doesn't look like Jerry.
She doesn't look like anybody.
And so what if she does look like Jerry?
What does that mean?
That I could have everything I have with Jerry, 
but because it's a woman I
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