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La la la.
La la la.
Look at this, they are redoing
the Cloud Club.
Oh, that restaurant on top
of the Chrysler building?
Yeah, thats a good idea.
Of course its a good idea,
its my idea.
I conceived this whole project
two years ago.
Which part?
The renovating the
restaurant you dont own
part or spending the two hundred million
you dont have part?
You see I come up with
these things,
I know theyre gold, but nothing
happens. You know why?
No resources, no skill, no talent,
no ability, no brains.
No, no...time! Its all this
meaningless time.
Laundry, grocery, shopping,
coming in here talking to you.
Do you have any idea how much time
I waste in this apartment?
I can ball park it.
Here we go; now she
comes in.
Now my whole day is shot!
Hey, I called you last night,
where were you?
I went out with a friend.
No, no...no.
Well, I was here,
thats everyone
Are those the same shoes
as yesterday?
Oh, you know I wear these
shoes all the time.
Your hair, its somewhat
Its the new look.
You know Heroin Cheek?
Wait a second,
whats going on here?
Nothing, nothing.
Youre wearing the same clothes
as yesterday!!! You saw Puddy!
Hoochie moochie.
Hand it over. Pay up.
No! Its an isolated, sexual incident.
We are not back together!
Then what do you call it?
People dont just bump into
each other and have sex.
This isnt cinemax.
It was no big deal OK?
I mean we fooled around, then we went
out and grabbed a little dinner.
Ah, dinner! Thats it, youre
all the way back!
Sex, thats meaningless, I can understand
that, but dinner; thats heavy.
Thats like an hour.
Man, 2.9 percent financing on a Toyota
Onedun . That was my idea too!
Good Morning!
Go to hell!
Hi Allison, thats a
nice dress
Dont even look at me.
Hey Glenn!
Hey, go tell hell!
Heard that one already.
...So thats the bedroom.
Heres the bathroom.
If you need to, you can familiarize
yourself with the kitchen...
Yeah, go ahead and look through
some of the drawers.
And you are?
Oh, hey, Im Darren.
Im new here
Yeah, thats Jerry, you dont have
to worry about him.
Why dont you go across the hall
and get started on that mail.
Hes a go getter!
Whos he?
My intern from NYU.
Well, you remember my corporation,
Kramerica Industries.
Well, apparently NYU is very enthusiastic
about their students getting
some real world corporate experience.
But you only provide fantasy
world corporate experience.
Well, this will really
free up my time
so I can focus on more important
things, like my bladder system.
Alright, its time to go.
Jerry, its not for people,
its for oil tankers.
I know!
You see the idea is for a rubber ball
inside the tanker so if it crashes,
the oil wont spill out.
Actually, that is not a bad idea.
Now, its time to go.
Seize montality, Jerry.
They really want me out of here.
Theyve downgraded me to
some sort of a bunker.
Im like Hitlers last days here.
So, are you going to leave?
Oh no! Im vigilant.
Theyll never get me out.
Im like a weed, Jerry.
I thought youre like Hitler
in the bunker?
Im a weed in Hitlers bunker.
Im getting a little uncomfortable
with the Hitler stuff.
Im getting another call,
see ya... Hello!
Hi, this is Darren
from Kramers office.
Mr. Kramer would like to schedule
a lunch with you at Monks coffee shop.
Really? When?
In 10 minutes. Do you need directions?
No, I dont.
Well, Ill call back in 5 minutes
to confirm.
Yeah, 5.
Hey! So, wheres my money?
No money, I am Puddy free.
So, are we eating or what?
Oh yeah, hold on.
Hello Darren, this is Jerry
from Jerrys office.
Were going to be three
for lunch.
Hey, Elaine is going to come
with us, alright?
What? When did this happen?
Well, just...
I am not calling Puddy.
What did I do with my gloves?
Oh, I bet I left them over at
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