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Her eyes, her mouth...
We know what a face consists of.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Jerry, Elaine, I give you--
Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
Do we still have time to make the movie?
We just can't go to the supermarket
to get some candy.
Jerry, she looks exactly like you.
She does not.
Well maybe she doesn't, I don't care.
Hey, Kramer.
- Hey. You got some messages.
George, George, Elaine,
George again, Elaine.
Newman, but that was a crank call.
And some Sally woman called,
says "Thanks a lot,
she's quitting the business,
you ruined her life."
You're the one who ruined her life.
Well, that's not how she remembers it.
Well, I got to talk her out of this.
I thought you said she stinks.
She does stink. And she should quit.
But I don't want it to be because of me.
It should be the traditional route:
years of rejection and failure, until
she's spit out the bottom of the porn industry.
Hey! George and Janet.
Oh! Who's Janet?
George's girlfriend.
Elaine thinks she looks like me.
But I think it's, as you would say, kookie talk.
You know what woman I always thought
you looked like? Leena Horne.
Hey, Hey!
- Hey, George.
And you must... look exactly like Jerry.
You don't see this? You're like twins!
This is eerie!
Kramer, what are you talking about?
Janet doesn't look anything like Jerry.
Well, maybe we do
look a little like each other.
No! What do you know about
what you look like?
Come on, George, relax.
Just because they look alike, that doesn't mean
you're secretly in love with Jerry.
All right, we're going now. Bye-bye.
We just got here, George.
Well - it's getting dark.
She's a nice girl.
Kinda quiet though.
What are you doing?
Don't tell a woman she looks like a man!
And George doesn't want to hear
his girlfriend looks like me.
Frankly, neither do I.
Well, how should I have
broached the subject?
You don't "broach",
you keep your mouth shut!
Well, sounds like
someone's having a bad day.
Because of you.
Well, then I think
one of us should leave.
Sally, you can't quit the business.
This is all because of me.
You can't give up.
You don't think people tell me I stink?
When I'm on stage that's all I hear.
"You stink. You suck.
We like magic."
Of course.
I stink, you stink.
It's showbiz. Everybody stinks.
You've been stinking since the Eighties.
All right, I think
we've covered my act.
Now you get out there
and stink it up with everybody else.
All right! Yes!
Thank you!
I'm gonna do it.
I've asked everyone at work,
and no one gets this cartoon.
I mean, I don't understand
why no one can explain it,
but I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.
Oh! I think we're at the bottom.
Hey, George.
Janet seems really nice.
And she's quite a--
handsome woman.
What does that mean?
Yeah, what does that mean?
What do you mean by that?
Elaine, huh?
She's completely...
- Oh! I know.
Cause-- you don't think Janet...?
- No...
Why would I...
It's ludicrous..
I mean, neither one of us..
I'm not gay.
... neither am I.
Kramer, get in here!
- Kramer!
Where's the crazy man?
Come on up!
Come on in here.
What are you doing?
Come and talk to us.
I've made an important life decision.
Let's talk about that.
- Don't leave.
All right. I--
I know I've been
shooting off at the mouth lately.
First with that girl
whose life you destroyed...
and then about
George dating a lady Jerry.
What's the decision?
I know you want me to
keep my big mouth shut.
Well, that's exactly what I'm gonna do.
I'm never gonna talk again.
Yeah, right.
What do I need to talk for, huh?
What, the blab to the neighbors about how George has a new fem-Jerry friend?
Or to tell everybody at the coffee shop
how George is all mixed up
in a perverse sexual amalgam
of some girl and his best friend?
See now, I've done all that.
Now it's time for silence.
Silence! Yes!
Kramer, you'
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