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just return the chair, and it will be easy,
because the receipt is in my good friend.
Your good friend is morbidly obese.
Well, at least, I'm not carrying a purse.
It's not a purse.
It's European!
All right, Silvio's down there.
He's shoveling the walk.
All you gotta do is put this on, go down to the corner,
pick up a paper, and come right back.
All right.
There you go.
How do I look?
Learn guitar, first lesson free?
My receipts! The chair! My tiger poster!
Hey, Silvio, just out for a little stroll
in my favorite fur coat.
That is your coat?
It sure is.
Kramer says you need it because you're an entertainer
and you're desperate for attention.
That's true.
Jerry, you forgot your purse.
Oh, thanks.
Hey, Silvio, look at Jerry here,
prancing around in his coat with his purse.
Yup, he's a dandy. He's a real fancy boy.
Maybe this isn't my coat.
All right, you're not fancy!
No, he's very fancy!
"Want me, love me! Shower me with kisses!"
Jerry, where'd you get it?
That's his coat.
No, it's not.
It's mine. I'm a fancy boy.
No, that's not your coat.
If that is not his coat,
whose coat is it?
It's Joe Mayo's coat.
Who's Joe Mayo?
That must be the man
that's sleeping with your wife.
Hey! Officer!
Someone took my European carryall!
Your what?
The... black leather thing with a strap.
You mean a purse?
Yes, a purse. I carry a purse!
So, Silvio ambushed Joe Mayo?
Yeah, he was waiting inside his apartment for him
with a sock full of pennies.
He should have had a reverse peephole.
Hey, Babe.
Hello? Hello?
What is that?
It's my new coat.
You ditched the fur?
Yeah, I saw Jerry wearing his.
He looked like a bit of a dandy.
Check it out! 8-Ball!
You got a question, you ask the 8-Ball.
You're gonna wear this all the time?
All signs point to "Yes!"So you're saying UNICEF is a scam?
It's the perfect cover
for a money laundering operation.
No one can keep track of all those kids
with the little orange boxes of change.
Oh no. It's Sally Weaver.
Your old college roommate, huh?
No, it's Susan Ross's old college roommate.
She moved to New York a few years ago.
She's trying to become an actress.
Ah, dramatica comedia.
She's always inviting me to see her in some bad play
in a tiny room without ventilation.
It's really depressing.
We don't go to enough theater.
She should just give up.
Hey there, Mister
"Too big to come to my shows"!
I just came from tap,
I'm all "whooo"!
I'm on my way to an audition.
Still looking for that big break.
Why don't you just give up?
Well, that's what Jerry says.
Now face it. If it hasn't happened,
it's not gonna happen.
All right, we go grab some bouffe.
Join us?
Susan's dead...
I think she was happy
someone finally said it.
Why did you have to say anything to her?
I felt the conversation was lagging.
Why can't you ever
keep your big mouth shut?
I come in here to get a pleasant meal,
and if we're not gonna have one,
I'll grab a bite to eat at your place.
You know, maybe Kramer was right.
Some people should just give up.
I have.
What did you wanna be?
I don't remember.
But it certainly wasn't this.
Look at this cartoon in the New Yorker.
I don't get this.
Me neither.
And you're on the fringe
of the humor business!
Hey! George, look at this.
That's cute.
You got it?
No, never mind.
Come on. We're two intelligent people here.
We can figure this out.
Now, we got a dog and a cat in an office.
It looks like my accountant's office
but there's no pets working there.
And the cat is saying
"I've enjoyed reading your email".
Maybe it's got something to do
with that "42" in the corner.
It's a page number.
Well, I can't crack this one.
Aahh! This has got to be a mistake.
Try shaking it.
Well, Janet should be here any minute.
You've been hiding her from us.
You must really like her?
Oh, Jerry. The minute I saw this girl,
we just clicked.
She's got such a nice
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