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like to think of this
as my conference room.
It has a more formal atmosphere, you know,
with the shelves, and the furniture.
Make it quick, Kramer.
My wife and I are about to go bowling.
Well, um-- Newman thinks that
you, uh, evicted him?
I did.
I don't like Mr. Newman.
He is an agitator.
Look. I've known Newman all my life,
in the building, and you're all wrong about him.
He's a model tenant.
Portly, yes, but smart as a whip.
OK, on your word he can stay.
All right.
But... I'm gonna keep my eye on him.
Well, you won't regret it.
What's wrong?
Elaine, thanks for coming.
Good working with you.
All right, let's hit the bricks.
Hey, I got a coat just like this!
Oh. Uhhh...
So Joe Mayo had the same coat.
And you threw it out the window?
God, you're like a rock star.
So now Joe Mayo
wants me to buy him a new coat.
Because you threw it out.
No, because I was in charge of the coats.
It's insane.
But you did actually throw his coat
out the window.
But he doesn't know that.
As far as he knows, someone stole it,
and that's the person who should be held responsible.
But that's you.
So I guess I'll have to buy him a new coat,
even though I don't think I should be
held responsible, which I am anyway.
Well, I'm satisfied.
Uh. My back is killing me.
Of course. Because of that wallet.
You got a filing cabinet
under half of your ass.
This is an organizer,
a secretary, and a friend.
Look at you. You're on a slant.
Here, just give me a couple of napkins.
There, there I'm fine.
What was that?
I think I had some hard candy in there.
No, no, this is supposed to go
to Joe Mayo's apartment.
How does this thing work?
Sir, do you want me to deliver this
to your friend's place or not?
Ready to go?
All set. I can't believe we're going dancing.
You don't go that often?
No, because it's so stupid. Shall we?
Do me a favor. Can you hold this stuff for me?
Compact, lipstick, all this?
And can you also carry my keys?
What are you, a medieval dungeon master?
And a tin of altoids.
Sharp key.
So, you're sleeping with Silvio's wife?
Well, there's very little sleeping going on.
Well, why didn't you tell me about this?
Quite frankly, I don't see how it's any of your business.
Well, it's my business now.
Look, I stuck up for you.
Man, if he catches you, we're both out.
Hey, what is that up that tree?
Man, that looks like a dead bear.
No, that's a fur coat! Hey, give me a boost.
Where did you learn to climb trees like that?
The Pacific Northwest.
So, you had to carry some of Keri's stuff. Big deal.
You don't understand.
I went on a successful pocket diet,
and I want to keep that weight off.
You know what? We sell this thing at Peterman
that would be perfect for you.
Not more of that crap from the Titanic?
No. No.
It's a small men's carryall.
I'm not carrying a purse.
It's not a purse. It's European.
Hey, did George buy Joe Mayo that chair yet?
I don't know.
If I'm getting him a new fur,
I'm not chipping in on a gift, too.
Hey, George,
did you get Joe Mayo that chair yet?
Not yet. Oh! Ho ho! God...
It's in... transit.
Did he get it?
- No.
Good. Tell him I'm out.
What, she's out?
Well, so what?
You're getting a deal, right?
We'll split it three ways.
Allllll right!
What is that noise?
That's my toaster. I got to go.
You know, sometimes I get the feeling
George isn't being completely honest with me.
Oh, uh, yeah.
Here are your pliers back.
- Thanks.
Weak hinge.
Well, I guess I better go and price fur coats.
Oh, go down to 88th Street. They're free.
What are you talking about?
Well, they're hanging from the trees.
You know, Newman found one there yesterday.
Man, that guy can climb like a ring-tailed lemur!
88th Street? That's where Joe Mayo lives.
That's the coat!
What was that pop sound?
Well, I had some hard candy in there.
So, to what do I owe this unusual invitation?
Come in, come in.
Ahh! This is very
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