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copy room right there.
Hey, come on, guys.
Ill show you the 900.
Yeah, you show us the 900.
And look at these features, Mr Kramer:
Anti-lock breaks,
automatic climate control.
Uh, make a right at this corner, please.
An adjustable steering wheel and...
Oh, Mr.
Kramer, you missed the turn...
No, I didn't.
Well, that's okay.
We'll make this next right
and swing around to get back to the dealership.
Well, it's a test drive, right?
I never drive around here.
If I'm gonna recommend this car,
I need to see that it'll handle my daily routine.
So where are we going?
Just a little place
I like to call "You'll see".
I'm starving. You got any of those
free donuts you use to soften people up?
By the service department.
Alright, remember:
no rust-proofing.
Commit to nothing.
If you have to speak - mumble.
Au revoir, Le George.
Don't think it can't happen!
So, Puddy,
this is a pretty good move for you, huh?
No more grease monkey.
I don't care for that term.
Sorry, I didn't know...
No, I don't know too many monkeys
who could take apart a fuel injector.
I saw one once that could do sign language.
Yeah, I saw that one.
Yeah, Koko.
Right, Koko.
That chimp's alright.
Hey, hey, hey!
What's goin on here?
You didn't agree to anything, did ya?
We both just saw the same monkey.
Well, I got screwed on the donuts.
There were none left.
Well, there's a vending machine.
I can show you where it is.
Hey, gimme a dollar.
Where's your money?
I'm here helpin' you.
Hey. Where's Puddy?
The copy machine is broken.
That's what they want you to think.
Hey, Elaine, have you noticed your boyfriend
has developed an annoying little habit?
The squinting?
The staring?
He keeps asking me
to give him a high-five.
I thought all guys do that.
Slapping hands is the lowest form
of male primate ritual.
In fact, even some of them have moved on.
They're doing sign language now.
It's that bad?
What do you think the Nazis were doing?
That was the heil-five.
Isn't that from your act,
like ten years ago?
It was a good bit in the 80s,
and it's still relatable today.
Good news.
We got a 900 in black.
That's the hot color.
Um, David, you know what?
Can you come help me fix the copy machine?
You owe me five.
Ah, come on!
Ah, excuse me.
Do you have change of a dollar?
Could I trade you for another dollar?
Don't have one.
Excuse me.
When your wallet was open,
I glanced inside,
and I couldn't help but notice
that you had several crisp dollar bills.
You're incorrect.
Perhaps you could look again, please?
I'm very hungry.
We had donuts earlier.
I guess everyone here
enjoys giving the old scroogie, huh?
Youre all doing a hell of a job!
What I would do with you...
Mr Kramer, we're really not allowed
to use the cars to run errands.
No, look, Rick.
I'm very close to giving this car, that my
celebrity friend is considering, my full endorsement.
Let's see if I can get a smile from these femininas...
Hey ladies!
It's a Saab 900!
What do you think?
Can I interest you in a little
supplemental restraint?
I think the candy comes out over there.
People drop change down here, Jerry.
And they're too lazy to pick it up.
Either that, or they've got a weird little hang-up
about lying face-down in filth.
Why don't you just go to the cashier?
The cashier is at lunch -
which is where I'd like to be.
How much was under there?
I think something bit me.
I just need another nickel.
Hey, Puddy thinks I should go for the CD player.
What do you think?
He's got a live one.
Hes just reeling his big fish in!
Hey, can I have my dollar back?
It's wrinkled.
It's worthless.
Come on!
They just put out some more donuts.
They did?
Last one.
Well, just one more errand
and we can head back.
Actually, it looks like
we're gonna need some gas.
Oh? Well, how much gas do you think
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