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I guess this is the ugly girl
I've been hearing about.
Hey, I was in a shvitz for 6 hours.
Give me a break.
Gwen. Gwen, wait!
Bad lighting on the porch.
Hey, how'd my horse do?
He had to be shot.
And now as Festivus rolls on,
we come to the feats of strength.
Not the feats of strength..
This year, the honor goes to Mr. Kramer.
Oh, gee, Frank, I'm sorry. I gotta go.
I have to work a double shift at H&H.
I thought you were on strike?
Well, I caved.
I mean, I really had to use their bathroom.
Frank, no offence,
but this holiday is a little - out there.
Kramer! You can't go!
Who's gonna do the feats of strength?
How about George?
Good thinking, Kruger.
Until you pin me,
George, Festivus is not over!
Oh, please, somebody, stop this!
Let's rumble!
I think you can take him, Georgie!
Oh, come on! Be sensible.
Stop crying and fight your father!
Ow! Ow! I give, I give! Uncle!
- This is the best Festivus ever!
Alright. That's enough.
You're fired.
Thank you.When are they gonna have the flying cars, already?
Yeah, they have been promising that for a while...
When we were kids, they made it seem like
it was right around the corner.
I think Ed Begley Jr has one.
That's just electric.
What about Harrison Ford?
He had one in the Blade Runner.
That was a cool one.
What's the competition,
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
What do you think the big holdup is?
The government is very touchy
about us being in the air.
Let us run around on the ground
as much as we want.
Anything in the air is a big production.
Yeah, right.
And what about the floating cities?
And the underwater bubble cities?
It's like we're living in the '50s here.
It's good suspension!
Would you stop it?
You'll have plenty of time to destroy it
after I get it.
Hey, George, I'm buyin' this car.
What is wrong with you?
You never tell 'em you like the car.
You're not sure what you want.
You don't even know why you're here.
That vein again.
I'm starving.
We should have had lunch first...
It'll be twenty minutes.
I told ya, Puddy's getting me an insider deal.
Since when is Elaine's boyfriend selling cars?
I thought he was a mechanic.
I guess he graduated.
That's an easy move.
Go from screwing you behind your back
to screwing you right to your face.
Thank you.
Puddy's just gonna give you the car, huh?
Youll see.
First they stick you with the undercoating,
rust-proofing, dealer prep.
Suddenly you're on your back like a turnip.
Calm down.
My father had a car salesman buddy.
He was gonna fix him up real nice.
Next thing I know, I'm getting dropped off
in a Le Car with a fabric sunroof.
All the kids are shoutin at me:
"Hey, Le George!
Bonjour, Le George!
"Lets stuff Le George in Le Locker!"
Jerry, I don't think
this thing is hooked up right.
Alright, were goin in.
You've got a good eye, there.
I see you've noticed
the uni-body construction.
I'm Rick.
Are you looking to buy or lease?
Uh, borrow.
It's for my friend.
Yeah, hell be buying...
Maybe I should talk to him.
Oh, I don't think so.
No, he's an entertainer.
You know, all over the place.
That's where I come in.
I see. So, youre his manag-
- Yeah, neighbor. That's right.
Why don't we take this boiler out
for a shakedown?
Look at these salesmen.
The only thing these guys fear is the walk-out.
No matter what they say,
you say, "I'll walk out of here right now!"
Can I help you with something?
Hold it!
One more step and were walking!
Sorry, we're just waiting for David Puddy.
He is.
You don't know what I'm doing here.
Sorry I'm late.
My new salesman boyfriend took me out
to celebrate his promotion.
Where'd you go?
Uh, to a restaurant.
- Arby's.
I had the roast beef...
So, Puddy, I decided
I'm gonna go with another 900 convertible.
David, can you tell me
where the Xerox machine is?
Oh, sure, babe.
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