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Like who?
Like that guy who yelled out.
He had cancer!
And laughter is the
best medicine.
Ladies and gentlemen, Kenny Bania!
Hey, Jerry, he could have used
your laugh.
He was a big turkey out
A big fat turkey.
I'm sorry I missed that.
He worked so hard
and then he just--
What is this, oregano?
Look at me! I'm all covered
in oregano and Parmesan,
and it's sticking to me because
of the butter! Look at me!
Here. Hold this.
What is this, parsley?
Ah, the sweet stench
of failure.
Get off of me,
get off of me!
Now I got you!
George? Your legs!
Are you a religious man, sir?
Eat hickory!!
Hey Jerry, didja see it?
Kenny! There you are.
Jay Shermak and Stu Crespi from NBC.
Listen, Kenny.
Really funny out there.
That thing you did having
the two guys running through?
I love stuff you don't have
to think too much about
Give us a call. We want to be
in the Kenny Bania business.
By the way, Jerry? The suspenders?
A little hacky.
How about that Jerry?
First you had a pilot on NBC
and now I'll have one.
Looks like I'm following
you again.
Oh, I'm gonna puke.
Puke? That's a funny word.
Can I use that?
David, this has been the worst
month of my life
and if I never see you
again it'll be too soon.
Oh that's origi-
Shut up.
86th and Broadway please.
I'm sorry lady, there's a
cab shortage.
The Transit Police are
making everybody share.
Oh no.
Hello! Oh no. I'm sorry.
Noooooooooooo!George, youre not really
handicapped, are you?
Ive had my difficulties.
I saw you running down
Amsterdam Avenue
lifting that 200 pound motorized cart
with one hand.
Mr. Thomassoulo during times
of great stress,
people are capable of
super human strength.
Have you ever seen the Incredible Hulk, sir?
- No.
How about the old Spider Man
live action show?
George, Ive realized weve signed
a one-year contract with you,
but at this point I think its best
that we both go our separate ways.
I dont understand.
We dont like you. We want you to leave.
So youre staying at Play Now?
Why not? Pay is good.
I got dental, private access to one
of the great handicapped
toilets in the city.
But they not you arent handicapped,
arent you ashamed?
Theyre the ones who
should be ashamed.
They signed me to
a one-year contract.
As long as I show up for work
every day, they have to pay me.
Hello-o-o-o Elaine!
Whats that?
Oh, its just this stupid thing.
Well, Im sure its stupid.
Its not about me, is it?
Not at all.
Tell me!
All right.
You know this girl Clare I am seeing?
Well, he and I starting joking that when
she falls asleep her stomach stays awake
all night and talks to me.
- How is it talking?
Well, her belly button is like a mouth.
"Im bored. Talk to me."
Oh, I gotta start taking these "stupid"
warnings more seriously.
Hey, look whose here - Puddy.
My Puddy?
But we broke up.
And yet he continues
to live.
Hey Benes,
How are you?
Im doing great.
See ya.
Well, thats it.
You two are back together.
The bump into. The bump into
always leads to the backslide.
David and I will not be getting
back together.
Elaine, breaking up is like knocking
over a coke machine.
You cant do it in one push, you got
to rock it back   and forth a few times,
and then it goes over.
Thats beautiful.
What about you?
ou were even engaged, and
you cut  it off just like that.
Thats different.
I didnt have feelings for those people.
But you, youll backslide
You want to bet?
All right. Witness?
So Ill call you tonight?
Whats wrong with
the belt?
I went to the movies last night,
I went to the bathroom and
I unbuckled a little wobbly
wobbly and the buckle kind of banged
against the side of the
urinal. So...thats it!
So, youre insane?
Oh yes, quite.
Of course its a sliding scale.
Catch you
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