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Bad news, people. Peggy
is home sick.
- Oh, please.
She's stuffed up, achy, and
suffering from intense malaise.
Oh, come on, we all have
intense malaise. Right?
I just spoke with her,
Elaine. She's in bed.
Yeah, let me tell you something:
this is all in her
mind, OK? She is insane.
She thinks I made her sick
because I coughed on her
doorknob, rubbed her
stapler in my armpit, and put
her keyboard on my butt.
Yeah, she's a  wacko.
So you're Jason Hanke's
- Sponsor.
Whatever. Listen, I'm very
concerned about this guy.
He's doing very well. He's
already on to Step Ten.
Yeah, well when you don't actually
do the steps, you can
go through them pretty quick.
You can get through six a day.
Is there some unresolved
issue between you and Jason?
I don't know. A little
thing called Step Nine? Instead of
an apology, he was
beboppin' and scattin' all over me.
I'm not sure what you want me to
- Well, aren't you the boss of him?
You shouldn't let him move up! When
I was in the Cub Scouts, I got
stuck on Weebolos for three years
'cause I kept
losing the Pinewood Derby.
You're quite upset, George.
- Well, I think
you should drop him down to Step Two.
Admit there's a higher power?
Yeah, let him chew
on that for a while.
You know George, I
think I can help you. We're
having a meeting tomorrow.
Why don't you just come by?
All right. That's
more like it. Thank you very
- By the way, my
uncle was an alcoholic, so...
Lomez, you're not listenin'.
Jerry likes the
naked, just some of the
things she does when she's naked.
Calm down, I'm on your side.
Geez. Hey, hold on a second. I
got a clog, I'll call ya back.
What are you doing?
I found a rough spot
on the kitchen floor, I
thought I'd polish it up with
this belt sander I have here.
No, not that. Why are you naked?
I thought naked is good.
- This isn't good naked.
George, here, have a
- Where's Hanke?
OK, let's get started. Welcome
to Rage-aholics Anonymous.
What? Rate-aholics?
- George, this can help you.
George, this can help you.
- Hey, I am
not here for rage. I'm
here for revenge.
Excuse me. We have a 'no
yelling' policy at these meetings.
Excuse me. Am I talking
to you, Pinhead? Am I?!
Please don't call me
- I'm losin' it!
He took you to Rage-aholics? Why?
Probably because this
whole Universe is against me!
You've got a little rage.
- I know. And now they
want me to bottle it up.
It makes me so mad!
By the way, my bad naked
demo didn't quite
- This bread has nuts in it!
Oh, great. Elaine. What is wrong with my
- Chicken wing shoulder blades.
That's it?
- No, but
that's one problem. Why?
Well, I was walking
around naked in front of Melissa
the other day--
- Whoa! Walking around naked?
hh... that is not a
good look for a man.
Why not? It's a good look for a woman.
Well, the female body
is a... work of art. The male
body is utilitarian, it's
for gettin' around, like a jeep.
So you don't think it's
- It's hideous.
The hair, the... the
lumpiness. It's simian.
Well, some women like
- Hmm. Sickies.
Installing your
Clarkman garbage disposal.
Dismantle latch hasp beneath main
drainage lot. Oh, come on, Clarkman.
Is, uh, David Puddy
there?" This is Puddy.
Well, this is Kramer.
- I know.
Um, listen, you're a mechanic. Could
you help me install a garbage disposal?
Well, it's a big job.
You've got to dismantle
the latch hasp from the
auxiliary drainage line.
No. It says 'main line'.
- It's a
misprint. What do you got, a Clarkman?
Yeah."  "Hey, man, I'll call you back.
I'll talk you through it.
- Oh,
OK. Well, thanks, buddy.
Hey, Puddy.
Hey, Babe, your boss called. You
owe five bucks for a balloon bouquet.
Yeah, he says you can just give it
to him tomorrow when you see him.
Balloon bouquet? For who?
- Peggy took a turn for the worst.
Peggy. Oh, great. I suppose she's
still blaming me?
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