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first cleaning
one area, then another.
Well, that's how cats do it.
But, when you have a faucet instead
of a tongue, you want to use gravity.
OK. Let's turn the water on now.
No, I told you, it's just a dry run.
Well, Hanke's moved on to Step Ten. He
was spotted taking personal inventory.
That's Step Ten?
- All
he has to do now is
count his blessings, say
a prayer, and he's done.
Do you believe this?
Come on, Jerry. How
about a-a baggy swimsuit?
You're not gettin' any skin, Kramer.
Well, this has all been one big tease!
These proofs look pretty
good. Oh. Can I move this?
Yup. I think this will work.
I'm... gonna  get
another bottle of water.
Here, take mine.
There's a little left.
Guys, there's no doubt
that the pay is good. But I don't
just know if I see
myself working with ice cream.
You get pretty buff forearms.
- I don't know if I'm into that.
Oh, hello, Hanke, others.
You know, Jason, I, uh, I couldn't
help notice, I... I
didn't get my  apology.
Apology? For what?
- A drafty apartment?
A... sweaterless friend? A ball-game
giveaway Metlife windbreaker?
George, come on, not that neck
hole thing.
- Yeah, the neck
hole thing, and I would appreciate
it if you would  say you're sorry.
No way, you would've
completely stretched it out.
You're an alcoholic! You have to
apologize. Step Nine! Step Nine.
All right, George,
all right. I'm sorry.
I'm very, very sorry. I'm so sorry that
I didn't want your rather
bulbous head struggling to find its
way through the normal-size
neck hole of my finely knit sweater.
Now see, that's smart.
Constant motion. Wow.
Oh, yeah, yeah,
I-I'm watching you, too. But
this guy's really showing me something!
You got a steak?
- What happened to you?
Ah, people in this city
are crazy.
- Here ya go.
Thanks, buddy. Oh... yes! Hey, you
got any A1, 'cause I'm cooking a steak.
- Yeah, a different one.
OK, Jerry. I fixed that bike.
Oh. That wasn't really necessary.
I don't ride it. It's just for show.
I should really clean those bearings.
Hold this. Look at all that gunk.
Please don't crouch.
- Ouch! Caught my skin.
Oh, that's bad. Especially that area.
You got anything to
snack on?
- Oh, pickles!
Unnhhhh! It's a tough one.
Look, please stop! Let
me help you with that!
Unnnnh! Oooh. That's gonna
leave a welt. Look at that.
I can't. I can't look anymore.
I-I-I've seen too  much.
Peggy, we've got to talk. What is it
about me that you find so  offensive?
You seem to be with
a lot of men.
- What!?
I happen to have a
very steady boyfriend.
You know, I mean,
we broke up a few times
and there has been an
occasional guy here or...
or there, but, wh-why
is this your business?
It's not. Good day.
Oh. All right. You
think I've got germs?
I'll give you some germs. How about
some for your keyboard, huh? Huh?
Oooh, how about for your stapler. Hmmm?
That's good, isn't it? You
have a happy and a healthy.
Well, technically he did apologize.
Jerry, I felt like a
straight man in some
horrible sketch. He was riffing!
Riffing! On my pain!
So now you want an apology for the
apology, plus the original apology?
That's right. I'm two in the hole!
Well, I hit the wall
yesterday with Lady Godiva.
She did a full body
flex on a pickle jar.
Did you explain to her about
the good naked and the bad naked?
Where am I gonna get a
fat guy and a cannonball?
Well... what if you showed up bad
naked, huh? You still
got that belt sander?
Well, you on all fours, that
thingvibratin', kickin'
up sawdust, ho ho! She'll
get the picture!
- Hey, Jerry, guess
where I'm calling from!
World War I plane?
- No, I'm in my shower.
Well, you know, I'm trying to get
out of the shower sooner, and
then I ask myself, 'Why?' I mean
this is where I want to be.
So I got a waterproof phone,
I shaved, I brushed my teeth,
and now I ordered a
pair of chinos from J. Crew.
When are ya gettin' out?
- I'm
not! I'll see ya later,
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