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I got in the mail.
Invitation to Sue Ellen Mischke's wedding.
Well, at least the wedding gown
will give her some support.
Not the point.
The wedding is in one week.
I got this today.
So you think it's a non-vite?
It's an un-vitation!
Hey, are you gettin' taller?
Hey, look at this.
'Pinter Ranawat'.
I wonder if he's related to that guy I dated, Peter Ranawat..
Ah, it's probably like Smith over there.
Jerry, would you make the call already?
What call?
He wants me to set him up
with this girl, Nina Stengal.
Oh, the great conversation girl.
The one you think can replace me?
I was kidding when I said that!
Told me the same thing.
Nina, Hi. It's Jerry.
You-you sure you never slept with her?
Hey, how 'bout my friend, George?
Quite a guy, huh?
Ooh.. Something's not sitting right..
I'll have the clams Casino.
Get outta here.
"Chef recommends"
I think she likes me.
So, how come nothing ever happened
between you and Nina?
Is there a problem with her?
Is she a man?
Are you?
Well, what's the reason?
We were too compatible.
Our conversations were so engrossing.
How engrossing?
If we ever had a problem with Elaine,
we could bring in Nina and not lose a step.
You don't, huh, have a replacement
lined up for me, do ya?
Anyway, like I was saying,
I couldn't make the trasition from conversation to sex.
There were no awkward pauses.
I need an awkward pause.
I'm all awkward pauses.
Fix me up with her.
Wait a minute,
Nina just saw me in my Timberlands!
Now I have to wear them
every time I see her.
In any other shoe,
I lose two inches.
I can't have a drop down.
We were eye to eye,
I can't go eye to chin!
So, you're gonna wear them
no matter what the situation?
In every situation.
No matter how silly I look.
Hm... tastes a little funky.
Oh, I'm sure it's fine.
...to you!
Come on, make a wish! Make a wish!
Ah, this is the kind of day
that almost makes you feel good to be alive.
Hey, new Timberlands?
Yeah, and a whole new me.
I'm up two inches in these babies!
Five' eight. Five' seven.
- Hi.
It's been years!
- Yeah!
George, this is Nina.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
Yeah, right.
I'm going to India.
And they call it the World Wide Web.
You can e-mail anyone!
What are you, a scientist?!
Ah, I gotta go.
- Ah.
It's great talkin'.
Great talkin' to you.
What the hell is e-mail?
How was the date?
Pretty good. I think she might be the one.
- No.
Oh, French fries.
Fat, George.
Baked, uh, potato.
Yeah, you stuff your sorries in a sack, mister.
Hey, hey.
Yeah, check it out.
It's packin' tight!
What are you bringing snowballs in here for?
I need some water.
Ice it up nice and hard.
And when you throw it -
Oh look,  there's my friend, FDR.
I'm gonna nail him in the back of the head.
It's gonna be great!
Hi, Elaine.
- Hey!
Hey, let's go someplace else,
okay, Peter?
Oh, hey, how you doing?
Oh, hi. I-I'm Jerry Seinfeld.
I'm movin' in.
I saw your name on the buzz.
You must be Kessler.
Uh, no.
Actually, it's Kramer.
You need any help, or...?
No, thanks.
But I ordered a pizza.
You want some of it?
Uh, no, no, no.
I couldn't impose.
Why not? We're neighbors.
What's mine is yours.
Good night, Jugdish!Any second now. Light is on
Light is on! waffles are ready.
Oh, fantastic! I'm starving.
How about that.
She ate breakfast naked?
She didn't even want a napkin.
I've had bedroom naked, I've had
walk- to-the-bathroom naked...
I have never had living-room naked.
Oh, it's a scene.
- It's
like you're livin' in the Playboy
Mansion! Did she, uh, did
she did she frolic?
I don't really have enough room.
Yeah. Hey, Lainie, Puddy.
Back together?
- His apartment
was being fumigated,
so we thought we'd give
it another shot.
So guess who called me
last night? Jason Hanke.
'Stanky Hanke'? What did he want?
He called to
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