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mentioned Nina?
Nina? Nina? No. Psshhh.. Not weird. No. Nina.
Why do you keep saying Nina?
I don't know. Nina. Nina!
I'm gonna go grab a bite.
Uhh.. I'll meet you down there.
Cereal, cereal -
Peach schnapps.
Come on, Lomez! We're gonna be late for the movie.
You see, my dear, all certified mail is registered,
but registered mail is not necessarily certified.
I could listed to you talk about mail all day.
Anything you wish..
I'll tell you a little secret about ZIP codes:
They're meaningless!
Wish?! Newman!
Lomez, I'm leaving!
..And you smell like one, too.
Make a wish, Newman!
We've gotta get back to work in three hours!
Newman, wait!
I'm with people.
Yeah, yeah.
And thanks for inviting me!
I did invite you.
Your invitation must've gotten -
lost in the mail.
Well, Newman, I need your wish
to protect me from FDR.
Can't do it.
I'm on an unbelievable birthday-wish hot streak!
My last five birthday wishes came true.
Come on!
Look, I'll give you my next birthday wish, huh?
Your next.. fifty wishes.
Alright, alright, back, savages.
Back! I haven't made my wish yet..
Well, this Mischke mish-mash is just gettin' worse.
I talked with the groom's parents
and it's so obvious that they don't want me to go.
And the only reason she sent me an invitation
was that so I'd send her a gift.
Uh, well, you know,
a coffee grinder is nice.
Or a coffee maker. Everyone likes coffee.
Anything to do with coffee.
Maybe you should go get some coffee.
Oh. Hi.
Oh, I should.. um..
- Bye-bye.
Who else ya got back there?
Look, there was an awkward moment in the conversation.
It never happened before.
You slept with Nina?
What are you gonna tell George?
Nothing. And neither will you.
George can never know about this.
It'll crush him.
Uh. Alright, alright.
I'll put it in the vault.
No good.
Too many people know the combination.
What combination?
Don't be ridiculous.
Oh my god.
This drawer is filled with Fruit Loops!
So what?
And milk.
Oh, geez.
Mr and Mrs Ranawat?
Please, call us Usha and Zubin.
Well, Usha...
I'm Zubin.
Anyway, your son is marrying
my friend, Sue Ellen Mischke...
You're not going to the wedding, are you?
Don't go.
India is a dreadful, dreadful place.
You know, it's the only country
that still has the plague?
I mean, the plague! Please!
Here's the registry.
Send her a gift,
and be glad you did not have to go.
Right. Don't go. Send a gift.
I think I understand.
If I had to go to India,
I wouldn't go to the bathroom the entire trip.
That's fantastic.
And I'm not so crazy about Manhattan, either.
Oh, you were going to tell me all about George.
Ah, just remember when you see him tomorrow night
to tell him that the waiter liked him.
Believe me.
You know, I forgot how much fun it is hanging out with you.
I know.
You know, we never had a bad conversation.
I know. No awkward pauses.
Probably the reason we never fooled around.
Heh... yeah.
Probably the reason...
Are - are you dense?
I said I wanted you to drop dead. Now.. drop dead!
I knew it.
Stupid Jerry.
Kramer, I know what I'm talking about.
There's no way FDR wants you to drop dead.
But you haven't seen...
- Just go back and ask him again.
That's right.
My birthday wish was that you drop dead.
Well, why?
I have my reasons.
Woah, wait, wait, wait.
If you make a birthday wish out loud,
it doesn't come true.
That's just a silly superstition.
Hey, FDR wants me to drop dead.
I go to his birthday party,
and just before he blew out his candles, he gives me this look...
Stink eye?
Crook eye?
Evil eye.
Well, everybody's a little cranky on their birthday.
Oh, it's a bad day.
You got everyone in your house,
you're thinking, "these are my friends?"
Everyday is my birthday.
I can't have this hanging over my head.
It's bad mojo.
You're not gonna believe
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