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on right after me.
So what, he's got
a couple of good jokes.
Like what, Ovaltine?
Why do dogs drink out of the toilet?
Shopping carts with
one bad wheel?
That's true, that always happens to me.
You think that's funny?
I don't know, I like stuff
you don't have to think about too much.
You like Bania's act.
You're a closet Bania fan!
maybe I am.
Oh, I'm gonna puke.
Puke! That's a funny word.
Puke. puke! Don't have to
think about that.
I can't believe
we broke up like that.
Do you want something to read?
Well, are you going
to take a nap or
You're just going to sit there
staring at the back of a seat?
That's it! I cannot
take this!
I mean, look at this,
nothing has changed.
We're back together two hours,
we're having the same problems
we had  12 hours ago.
Tell me about it, I don't know
why I ever took you back.
Please! I took you back.
You know it, I know it,
vegetable lasagna here knows it.
I don't want to get involved.
and we just ram right into it
and end this whole thing!
Oh god.
Ow! Ow!!
How much longer you gonna be,
I'm starving here.
Just a few more squirts.
Cause I gotta stay juicy.
The smell. It's still
with you, huh?
Yeah, it's baked on it.
Put some butter in.
Stir it up so it melts.
Ahh, now I'm simmering.
I'll meet you at the coffee shop.
Good morning, George.
Is something wrong
with your other leg
Oh, no, that's just the
old handicap acting up.
But your cane's on
the wrong side.
That's just because we're standing
on opposite sides.
See, when we
met, I was over there a
and you were over here so the image
was reversed, like in the mirror.
See? This looks right to you,
doesn't it?
Uh, yeah, I guess.
But, see here.
Right. Wrong. Right. Wrong. Right.
Will you stop it, George?
Just stop it!
I think I can see
what's going on here.
Well, you're not gonna believe
what happened.
You mugged Stephen Hawking?
Play Now thinks I got problems
in both legs.
My own personal Rascal,
Jerry. On the house.
Well it must be comforting to know
you'll be going straight to hell at
no more than three miles an hour.
Hey, Lainie, how's
the trip going?
Awful. This trip was
a *huge* mistake. Huge!
Please don't shout.
I can't take it.
Who's that?
It's Vegetable Lasagna.
Vegetable Lasagna!
My name is Magnus.
Shut up or I'll snap you in half
and stuff you in the overhead!
Get me some duty free Kahlua.
How's the trip?
Sounded good.
Well. Gotta motor.
Hey, if you got any juice left,
you might wanna roll by
the big showcase  tonight.
Ah, you still going on in front of
Bania, eh?
That's right, and I'll tell you what.
I'm feeling a little off.
What are you talking about?
You're not!
That's right, I'm taking
a dive.
You're throwing the set?
I'm laying down! Then let's see
how he does up there,
without all the
Listen Jerry.
Bania's voice is the voice of
a  new generation. My generation.
We're four months apart.
nevertheless. His time has come.
Now if you will kindly help me
unwedge my front wheel,
I'll be on my
Butter. Kramer.
Butter. Kramer.
Hey buddy.
What are you doing?
George tells me you're gonna
throw your set?
That's right, Choochie.
Let's see how Bania does
without the cushy timeslot.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Jerry Seinfeld!
If you'll excuse me.
Hey everybody! Who's ready
to laugh?
What's the deal with lampshades?
I mean if it's a lamp, why
do you want
And what's with people
getting sick?
I mean, what's the dea
l with cancer?
I have cancer!
Oh, tough crowd.
Hey, hey! You dented
my ride.
Whatcha got there, the 4 volt?
Heh, I did you a favor.
How about I do you a favor
upside your head?
Oh yeah?
Oh yeah.
Get the bikes.
You didn't do so bad.
What are you talking about?
I bombed!
No, you had some good stuff.
The cancer bit?
It was edgy, it was not my sort of thing
but some of those people out there,
they really liked it.
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